On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) assessed COVID-19 as a pandemic, leading to a rapid increase in issued travel bans and cancelled events. The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted supply chains and people’s ability to work at the office, putting enormous pressure on collaboration and communication software and the businesses that help install and maintain them.

All of IT World Canada’s stories and podcasts covering COVID-19’s impact on the industry can be found here. For a running list of cancelled or postponed tech events, click here. If you want to learn more about Canada’s efforts tracking the outbreak, visit the federal government’s website.



Hashtag Trending Jan 12- House Republicans to grill Big Tech; Phony managerial titles to avoid paying overtime; Flights grounded

Canadian Government announces a hybrid work model for the Federal Public Service

Hashtag Trending Dec 8 – San Francisco police department reverses killer robot policy; Congress drops media bill; Chinese hackers stole $20 million

Nine in ten Canadian nonprofits consider digital transformation efforts a top priority in updating business processes – report

UBC researchers and AWS team up to discover new strains of RNA viruses

CES 2022 exhibitors opting out over Omicron concerns, but CTA says the show will go on

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Ontario shouldn’t re-invent the wheel with COVID vaccine verification app, says developer

Flaw found in the implementation of Quebec COVID passport app’s verification method

Holes in Quebec’s vaccine passport app show need for tougher data authentication: Expert

Interac’s new feature tracks Canadians expenses with a musical twist

Hashtag Trending, June 15, 2021- Bitcoin jumps more than 20 per cent; Second dose vaccine booking issues; Microsoft employees slept in data centres

COVID vaccine certificates must obey privacy laws, say Canadian commissioners

CIO Strategy Council seeking input on proposed standards for responsible use of contact tracing data

Higher education’s COVID-fueled journey to cloud transformation

Toronto tech employees launch Vaccine Finder

Council of Canadian Innovators expands to Ontario, Alberta and B.C.

Virtual events have come a long way in 2020, but experts say expectations will be much higher in 2021

Interpol, IBM warn COVID-19 vaccine distribution network under threat

Cyberattack on healthcare is ‘criminal activity that cannot be tolerated’ says Microsoft

Pandemic pressures mounting for IT leaders

COVID Alert gets increased precision as second wave looms

Parliamentary budget officer says Ottawa’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative will miss job creation targets

2020 CanadianCIO Census: Employee well-being skyrockets to top of CIOs’ priority list

Nova Scotia and PEI will adopt COVID Alert, says Health Canada

Six provinces are signed on to Canada’s COVID Alert app, says Health Canada’s COVID-19 Task Force

IDC Canada survey: Digital thermometer checkpoints more popular than contact tracing among businesses

Make sure staff working from home aren’t burned out, say CISOs

ITWC Morning Briefing, September 3, 2020 – Breaking COVID-Alert down with Canadian Digital Service’s James Eberhardt

Quebec says no to Canada’s COVID-19 exposure notification app

Ontario’s construction industry shows supports for COVID-Alert, but also seeks wearable alternative

Do ‘mundane tasks’ before buying products, CISOs advised

Official Canadian COVID exposure notification app now available from Google, Apple stores

Accelerate transformation to prepare for an uncertain future

Usefulness, adoption rate are still questions as Canada launches beta test of COVID-19 app

Alberta privacy commissioner finds security concerns with province’s COVID app

Microsoft adds OpenText’s information governance, secure collaboration at scale, and content management

Vulnerability disclosure program needed to ensure confidence in COVID apps, says expert

Digital Transformation Week: Crucial conversations at the critical juncture

Canadian political leaders need to get behind COVID-19 app, says expert

Fake Canadian COVID-19 tracing app with ransomware discovered

Cavoukian, colleague spar on need for sunset laws for COVID apps

Shopify, BlackBerry, and Ontario to help Canada launch contact tracing app

How COVID-19 accelerated a hospital’s telemedicine plans

How COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation for three Canadian CISOs

The ‘new normal’ workplace calls for greater focus on employee well-being

The work from home experience will be a differentiator for organizations

Why you’ll never see continuity planning in the same way again

Contact tracing mobile apps hold potential to stop COVID-19 – but governments have missed the mark so far

Privacy watchdog doubts current law completely protects Canadians for COVID-19 apps

It’s time to survey the landscape of the new normal

Durham College to participate in siberXchange Live summit

Canada still lacks cybersecurity ‘street smarts’ says CIRA director

B.C. health officer cool on COVID tracing apps as Google and Apple release their API

Rogers providing phones with free voice and data plans to help B.C. women in crisis

Fake Canada website among many using COVID-19 relief offers to phish for credentials

Surveys show conflicting support by Canadians for COVID-19 tracing app

ICT spending forecast ‘looks worse now’ than it did last month, says IDC Canada

Canadian privacy commissioners urge caution on COVID-19 tracing apps

Privacy experts support call for national plan for COVID-19 contact tracing app

Privacy expert says flawed Alberta COVID-19 contact tracking app shouldn’t have been released

The Princess Margaret launches new remote monitoring system for cancer patients during COVID-19

Canada has taken down over 1,500 coronavirus-related scam sites

Startup DarwinAI says interest in its open-source project that helps identify coronavirus in x-rays growing

Ontario Centre of Excellence connects Canada’s industries to create solutions to combat the pandemic with new platform

Federal privacy commissioner issues framework for COVID-19 measures

CompTIA takes its certification exams online amid COVID-19 pandemic

In the race to develop a COVID-19 tracing app, skepticism from a Canadian panel

IDC says PC shipments saw 10% decline in Q1 2020, ‘decimating’ Canadian resellers

Sales and Marketing in the age of COVID-19: Not business as usual

Telus invests $3.5B in Alberta for wireless and wireline network capacity boost

Canadian health researchers and firms targeted with COVID-19 phishing

COVID-19: Potential cybersecurity calamity or digital transformation opportunity?

Alberta tech company calls for machine learning experts to help develop COVID-19 screening app

Huawei steps up to help Canada deal with mask shortages

Google mobility report shows tanking foot traffic across Canada

Forget optimistic scenarios and buckle up for a big drop in IT spending this year, says IDC

Canada partners with Amazon Canada to distribute essential equipment

Essential industries are getting CIRA’s cybersecurity services for free

SMBs are getting hit by an epidemic of cyber attacks: 10 tips to defend your business

Cyber Security Today – COVID-19 malware wipes hard drives, a warning from governments, and a Microsoft alert over VPNs

Microsoft events to go virtual for the foreseeable future

Cyber Security Today: More COVID-19 scams, beware of Zoom and video conference hijacking, a Win10 update for VPN users, and more

TekSavvy hikes prices for all residential internet subscribers, and says it may need to do it again

Hospitals are deploying virtual care apps in a matter of days, exposing them to more cyber attacks

Telus says it’s providing free high-speed internet to low-income families for 60 days in response to COVID-29

Cyber Security Today – Still more COVID-19 scams, Tupperware hack and beware of free Best Buy USB sticks

Canadian ICT spending could shrink by 5 per cent in 2020: IDC

COVID-19: Toronto mayor sparks debate on possible use of cellphone data for infection detection

Cyber Security Today – The latest news on COVID-19 scams, and how GE was victimized when a supplier was hacked

COVID-19: Provincial health hotlines and telehealth options

Cisco commits $225 million to COVID-19 response

A quick guide for businesses navigating Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

During a crisis, use and disclosure of personal information may be extended, ‘can be very broad’ says regulator

CIOs worry about people, capacity and security as COVID-19 crisis grows

Now that more employees are working from home because of COVID-19, time for IT to toughen controls

Your devices are germ magnets – here’s how to keep them clean

Telus to donate $10 million to address public healthcare crisis

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Suddenly working from home and need a solution that works? Here are some options

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Bell, Rogers, Telus and others temporarily remove internet data caps

Microsoft closes all retail locations due to COVID-19 concerns

COVID-19: BlackBerry, Citrix among firms seeing leap in remote access solution sales

Only a select few are allowed to build apps related to COVID-19, says Apple

Maple launches free online screening and consultation solution in response to COVID-19

Cyber Security Today – Avoid this COVID-19 map, get Wise about this phoney website, a big payday for crooks and women in cyber security

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How IT leaders can prepare for COVID-19 challenges

A running list of cancelled or postponed tech events due to COVID-19

Toronto’s Collision conference goes online due to coronavirus

Google bolsters G Suite Hangouts with enterprise features amidst coronavirus outbreak

In response to COVID-19, Cisco is handing out free 90-day Webex business licenses

Coronavirus ‘decimated’ device manufacturing in February, says IDC

Analytical disease tracking has come a long way since SARS, said SAS’s director of government practice