Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Windows 11 at a glance: Rounded corners, Snap upgrades, benefits for developers

Microsoft Windows 11, launched this week, offers a new user interface, some shiny new features, and some things that will have both consumers and corporate IT tearing their hair out.

GreenLake takes centre stage at HPE Discover, CEO introduces Silicon on Demand with Intel

HPE CEO Antonio Neri dedicated virtual stage time to the company's edge to cloud platform, GreenLake, during his Discover conference keynote this week, with a series of announcements further broadening its scope.

Coffee Briefing, June 15, 2021 – Cisco unveils hybrid cloud goodies; GoDaddy upgrades; Mississauga’s smart city update

Cisco unveils a host of hybrid cloud goodies, GoDaddy announces a bunch of upgrades and integrations, and Mississauga's smart city's ambitions take another step forward.

Cisco unveils Webex Suite, combines meetings, calling, messaging, and events

Cisco’s Webex platform has unveiled more than 800 new features since September, but when asked which one has experienced the greatest adoption, Jeetu Patel’s answer was a bit unexpected.

Coffee Briefing, June 1, 2021 – Big tech and biometric data; updates from CompTIA, CENGN; and more

Our latest Coffee Briefing features Canadian feedback about big tech and how they handle biometric data, updates from CompTIA and CENGN, and much more.

Coffee Briefing, May 18, 2021 – KPMG seeks Canada’s next unicorn, AWS and Azure top cloud rankings, and more

KPMG seeks Canada's next unicorn, AWS and Azure top cloud rankings, and more news from the past week you might have missed.

Coffee Briefing, May 11, 2021 – Survey reveals hybrid cloud challenges, a new IaaS player enters Canada, and a podcast roundup

A roundup of the latest reports analyzing hybrid cloud and cybersecurity challenges, plus a new IaaS player enters the Canadian market.

One-third of organizations question IT infrastructure supporting remote workforce, says BlackBerry report

The remote workforce will continue post-pandemic and organizations want better tools to secure their dispersed workforce.

PayIt may not gain expected adoption with Toronto’s online payment contract, says SQL CEO

The CEO of SQL Power Group says if the vendor chosen to modernize city hall's online payment systems abandons the project due to poor adoption, it could lead to an unlicensed city "scrambling and with no solution."

Dell Technologies launches APEX, announces Equinix partnership

Dell Technologies APEX will be the overarching branding for Dell's entire portfolio of as-a-Service and cloud offerings.

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