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FBI arrests alleged head of BreachForums criminal market

An American believed to be behind the BreachForums criminal marketplace for selling stolen data has been arrested in a community just north of New York City.

Data center supply chain disruptions on the rise

According to a recent Uptime Institute survey, data centre operators continue to face significant supply chain challenges.

NordVPN releases source code for Linux client and networking libraries

Nord Security has taken an important step toward transparency and accountability by making the source code for its Linux NordVPN client and related networking libraries available.

Google to end support for Glass Enterprise Edition AR specs

Google has announced that the Glass Enterprise Edition, its business-grade augmented reality specs, will no longer be supported.

Apple experiments with language-generating AI

Apple discussed AI and large language models at a recent internal event, revealing its experiments with language-generating artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT.

Mozilla introduces Firefox Relay

Mozilla has announced a new feature called Firefox Relay for its Firefox browser, and it aims to protect users from being spammed and tracked online.


Bolster your first line of defence – 5 tips to foster a security culture

While the shift to hybrid work and the rise of interconnected systems have created new opportunities for business, this evolution exposed organizations to new...

Understanding Current Cybersecurity Challenges in Law: Legal Considerations for Artificial Intelligence and Technological Development (Article 6)

With strong competition among countries around the world to become cutting edge leaders in AI, artificial intelligence has been a driving force of innovation...

9 Must-Take Actions as Recession Fears Loom

Even as recession indicators sound the alarm, financial analysts and even central banks remain split on the likelihood of a recession. In July, Scotiabank...

Fighting the cyber war: how secure is your enterprise?

Most Canadian companies that are victims of cyber incidents lack even basic recommended security measures. Fortunately, there are achievable steps to take that greatly improve an organization’s cyber security posture.

3 Actions to Cut Software and Cloud Costs

Inflation is greatly impacting consumers of technology as software and cloud vendors respond to increased costs by increasing prices. Sourcing, procurement and vendor management...

You ain’t seen nothing yet on the ChatGPT AI/ML road

Are we at an inflection point on the road to developing more innovative AI/ML techniques, such as large language models (LLM) and related software?...

Coffee Briefings

Coffee Briefing Mar. 14 – The Canadian Centre for Nonprofit Digital Resilience announces new...

Coffee Briefings are timely deliveries of the latest ITWC headlines, interviews, and podcasts. Today’s Coffee Briefing is delivered by IT World Canada’s editorial team! Missed...


Michelin announces multi million dollar investment in Nova Scotia plants

Michelin has announced a C$300 million investment into its Canadian operations to further improve its environmental footprint. This multi-million dollar...

Communikit platform helps launch apps for Indigenous communities in Canada

Through the Communikit SaaS mobile app service, the leadership of Lucky Man Cree Nation and The Blackfoot Nation of...

U.S. increases pressure on TikTok, demands app be sold: Reports

The U.S. is demanding that Chinese-owned TikTok be sold or the popular video app could be banned in the...

Wireless prices declined in 2022 but work left to do: ISED study

Prices for wireless and home internet services declined in 2022, ISED’s (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) Price Comparison...

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Hashtag Trending March.16th – Mozilla’s AI challenge, Facebook and AOL, ‘simplifying’ ChatGPT

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30 crazy, wacky gadgets at CES 2023 [Part 3]

Will these ten gadgets improve your life? Smell-O-Vision for the metaverse The ultimate privacy mask High-tech cat litter box ...

30 crazy, wacky gadgets at CES 2023 [Part 2]

Will these ten gadgets improve your life? AI Aquarium Beverage printer Communicate with your pets Improve your air quality ...

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Long Distance Advantage: An Outsourcing Case Study

Ricoh is a global information management and digital services company. For more than 85 years Ricoh technology, creativity, and expertise has helped businesses around...

Aligned and Connected: An Outsourcing Case Study

Edmonton-based PCL Construction is a group of independent construction companies that operates across Canada and around the world. Founded in 1906, today PCL is...

Meeting the Future Free of Any Scale Limitations

The problem of passwords was destined to reach critical mass, the bigger the Internet grew. Today, according to one study, the average person juggles...

Adopting a Custom Mindset

Many companies work to achieve credibility and expertise through niche specialization. But others, like the Jonah Group, who design and build software applications for...

Knowing When to Pivot

Tehama, a desktop as a service (DaaS) company, helps enterprises create cloud-based virtual offices, workrooms, and desktops anywhere in the world. The pandemic came...

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President to President: Jeanette Irekvist, President, Ericsson Canada

ITWC’s Fawn Annan sat down with Jeanette Irekvist, President, Ericsson Canada to discuss Jeanette's Ericsson Journey, what's changed around the R&D agenda, and the...

President to President with Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder, President & COO of Cloudflare

ITWC’s Fawn Annan sat down with Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder, President & COO of Cloudflare to discuss how the internet has transformed our lives, how...

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