Cyber Security Today, April 9, 2021 – Another warning to Fortinet administrators, beware of free Netflix offers, credentials to streaming services stolen and another...

This morning's podcast reports on ransomware being used to exploit a hole in Fortinet VPNs, the theft of credentials to streaming services from browsers and data on students stored improperly in the cloud

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Ontario regional government victim of third-party cyberattack

Personal data apparently posted by a threat actor as confirmation of the attack include names, addresses, dates of birth, and health card numbers

New internet project approved for rural Newfoundland and Labrador

The $1.379 million network will service 1,184 households and is expected to start service in November.

ITWC’s summer conference celebrates Canada’s DX visionaries

CIO and Digital Transformation Awards up for grabs ITWC’s annual Digital Transformation Conference and Awards program continues this summer in a virtual format, with three 60-minute...

Stop tool sprawl and deliver quality application performance

At a time of unprecedented technological change, IT departments around the world are turning their attention to the challenges of tool sprawl.When new tools are...

Cyber Security Today, Week In Review for April 9, 2021

This podcast includes a discussion with Terry Cutler of Cyology Labs on the giveaway to crooks of information on over 500 million Facebook users, the latest LinkedIn scam and a report on security problems when organizations take to the cloud

More Canadian firms leave RDP exposed than other countries, report suggests

A new report on cloud security suggests many firms moving to the cloud due to COVID aren't automating security

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Technologists need full-stack observability with business context

Eighty-nine per cent of technology professionals say they’re feeling immense pressure at work, according to a new report from AppDynamics, part of Cisco, based...

Accelerate your digital strategy by finding the right partner

Over the course of the past 12 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted how businesses operate, placing ever-growing importance and reliance on the...

Building a successful Disaster Recovery strategy in the age of ransomware

ITWC recently spoke with Dan Hamilton, VP of Technology at Whipcord, about the secret to successful Disaster Recovery in the face of growing cybersecurity...

Now’s the time to take a Fabric approach to security – here’s why

By Azim Makan From a networking perspective, the past 12 months have been marked by the sudden dominance of the “home edge” as remote work...

CPaaS putting experience economy companies on rapid digital track

In his bestseller Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell defined a tipping point as a moment of critical mass, when the status quo changes. Companies...


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