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White House - Night Time

Biden’s cybersecurity priorities: Fixing damage from SolarWinds attack, working with allies

We interview two American and one Canadian expert on what to expect from the new administration

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IT World Staff

Stronger cybersecurity starts with one word: agility

By Nick Alevetsovitis Right around when the pandemic first took hold, security researchers like Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs which has a significant hub in Canada, noticed something. They observed a drop in malicious activity aimed at traditional network devices, and a sudden spike in attacks on email systems, browsers and home networks. Put simply, criminals saw…

Jason Barr

Supply chain vulnerability – Can too many vendors make you less secure?

“How many vendors does it take to make a business successful?” But if that number of vendors makes you more open to a cybersecurity breach, it’s no joke.

Yogi Schulz

Skeptical about data used for AI-derived recommendations?

As a senior executive or CIO, how can you assure yourself that the artificial intelligence or machine learning-derived recommendations are reasonable and flow logically from the project work that has been performed?

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