Thursday, July 29, 2021


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Intel isn’t pulling a fast one with its node rename, here’s why

Nanometre no more. Intel will adopt a new naming scheme to better reflect its fabrication technology.




Hashtag Trending July 28 – Facebook courts religious groups; YouTube censor’s Brazil’s President; Jeff Bezos offers NASA $2 billion deal

Today's Hashtag Trending script was prepared by Samira Balsara. Facebook is trying to set up a partnership with religious groups, YouTube removes videos posted by Brazil’s...

Watch for malware using uncommon programming languages, says BlackBerry

In a new report the company warns that malware developers are increasingly using new languages to evade detection

Global tech firm sets up Canadian headquarters in Calgary

Newcastle, U.K.-based global software technology company Test Driven Solutions (TDS) has selected Calgary to house its Canadian headquarters, the company announced in a July 26...

Toronto firm helps Cubans access social media platforms

Since the beginning of the disruptions, the system software company has seen a total of 2.89 million weekly unique (total unique users that were active between Jul 12-18) users from Cuba connected to their network.

Coffee Briefing, July 27, 2021 – Zoho’s free online invoicing solution; Hootsuite’s new CMO; Shopify’s new centralized chat tool; and more

Recent tech news that we maybe didn’t get to yet, or it’s news we’ve reported on and feel is worth resurfacing.

Hashtag Trending July 27 – Electric vehicle myth debunk; AI speech tool to spreads fake news? And Telsa gets tricked by moon

A new study debunks a longstanding electric vehicle myth, AI speech recreation tools have some experts worried, and Tesla’s automated cars hit a snag. It’s all...

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Microsoft Canada congratulates 2021 IMPACT Award winners

Microsoft Canada has recognized 27 partners across Canada for their achievements in delivering virtually seamless solutions to customers. The 2021 IMPACT Award winners were...

The two biggest security issues for the future and how to fix them

Security sprawl and the loss of the network perimeter are the biggest challenges organizations must address to be secure in the future. Organizations need to...

Making smart tech choices as you plan for a return to the office

The old adage “What goes up must come down” can also be applied to health crises, and the coronavirus pandemic seems to be receding....

Developer velocity a new road to business transformation

Companies that empower their developers achieve more. That’s the conclusion of a pair of Microsoft studies that found surprising correlations between business performance and...

Cyber today and the power of corporate-academic partnerships

The global pandemic may have brought limitations and lockdowns, but Ryerson University Director of Development and Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Programs Rushmi Hasham said it...


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