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Cities are increasing citizen engagement by “Amazonifying” their services

From tax payments in bitcoin to bus schedules on Alexa, cities are taking their cues from Amazon to make their services more user-friendly. “The digital...

Austrian data regulator decision on Google Analytics raises questions

An interim decision by Austria's data regulator against Google Analytics may affect the ability of the search engine's tool to be used in European...

Public sector leaders look forward to rebuilding culture in the new workplace

Municipal leaders say they’re making plans to strengthen the culture in their organizations once the health rules allow employees to return to the office. “Our...

Cities have a unique opportunity to transform the lives of their citizens

The pandemic has forced a fundamental shift in the way that cities like Toronto interact with their residents, according to its deputy city manager. “We...

Nigerian police arrest suspects in global business email compromise gang

Interpol says 50,000 targets may have been in the sights of the gang

After being all-digital last year, the Consumer Electronics Show is back in Las Vegas for 2022. Find all the latest news and announcements from the showroom floor at CES 2022.

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Windows Server Update Fixes Multiple Issues

Microsoft has released an OBB update for Server 2019 to address several issues that occurred after users installed the January updates.

Major U.S. Airlines Warn Against The Dangers of 5G

CEOs of major U.S. airlines sounded the alarm on Monday when AT&T and Verizon rolled out their new 5G service in less than 36 hours.

Linux Malware Record 35% Growth In 2021

A Crowd strike report has shown that the number of malware infections targeting Linux devices has increased by 35% in 2021.


7 steps to undertaking a Privacy Impact Assessment

PIA regulatory requirements and recommended frameworks may vary by jurisdiction, industry, and the type and sensitivity of data processed. Despite these differences, the following seven steps should be incorporated into any PIA program.

The outcome of COP 26 and its relevance to enterprises ESG programs

Highlighting the role that businesses can play in achieving each of the goals from COP 26

Empowering the remote work generation

With the rise of remote work, an internet connection is now tied to people’s livelihoods. This means that people will need stable and reliable in-home networks to survive in an increasingly connected world.



Making IT security invisible for public sector employees

Governments have reached a turning point in how they manage their IT security, according to a Google security expert. In the past two years, Zero Trust...

It’s time to reimagine municipal service delivery

There has never been a better opportunity to transform municipal services for citizens.  That was a key message during a panel discussion on next-generation service...

1Password closes US$620 million funding round, now valued at US$6.8 billion

1Password, the Canadian company known for its 1Password password manager, has raised US$620 million in its Series C funding round, boosting its valuation to US$6.8...

Canada’s broadband internet speed increased by 27% in 2021, finds Ookla report

Canada’s fixed broadband speeds jumped by 27 per cent in 2021, and mobile network download speeds increased by 15 per cent since July, says Ookla’s...

Admins urged to patch SolarWinds Serv-U against vulnerability

A researcher also discovered evidence the Mirai botnet may be going after Zyxel devices

Hashtag Trending Jan. 20 – Google Analytics breaches EU GDPR; Tech Giants fight antitrust legislations; Sony shares fall

Austrian court discovers Google Analytics breaches European GDPR, Apple and Google push against U.S. antitrust legislation, and Sony suffers after Microsoft's new acquisition. That’s all the...

Inside Prometheus, a traffic delivery service used by threat actors

Report by BlackBerry outlines how the service and its backdoor work

Many Canadian, U.S. SMB websites vulnerable to spoofing, clickjacking and sniffing, says vendor

SMBs must scan their websites, software and web applications facing the Internet for vulnerabilities, says report

Cyber Security Today, Jan. 19, 2022 – Box closes MFA vulnerabilities, VPN service used by crooks shut, ransomware stats, and more

This episode reports on MFA bugs in cloud file sharing service, police action to close a VPN service used by crooks and the latest ransomware news

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Calling on smartphones to lighten the carbon load

Imagine a smartphone made from 25 per cent recycled polycarbonate. A phone that comes equipped with a biodegradable, replaceable battery and a case made...

The reimagining of a renaissance rectangle: The Creator Z16 laptop

What do the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, a snail shell, and DNA molecules have in common with MSI’s new Creator Z16 laptop? The answer...

Plays well with others

Video collaboration platforms bridged a chasm in the early days of COVID-19 and remain a prime point of connection for businesses of all sizes....

Improve your employee experiences by modernizing your endpoint management

In the ‘new normal’, post-pandemic world, many companies will be faced with the decision to move to a fully remote or hybrid work environment....

Tableau Canada helping companies see and truly understand their data

The past year-and-a-half has been a tough reminder for all of us: When we realize what matters most to us, it’s important to have...


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