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Meta builds AI Research SuperCluster for future AI and the metaverse

Meta believes that its new AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) will be among the fastest AI supercomputers running in the world once it’s fully built. The...

Gang still posting data allegedly stolen from Saskatoon airport authority

A threat actor who attacked Saskatoon's John Diefenbaker International Airport in December continues to post stolen data on its dark website in an apparent...

auticon Canada kicks off its 2022 tech recruitment campaign for adults with autism

auticon Canada has launched a recruitment campaign aimed at adults with autism who are looking for workplaces that help them build successful tech careers.

Data Privacy Day message to companies: Don’t just write privacy policies, enforce them

A federal deputy privacy commissioner gives Canadian firms advice on where not to go wrong

Cyber Security Today, Jan 28, 2022 – MFA spoils a phishing scam, a Zoom con discovered and another Log4j attacker unveiled

This episode reports on how multifactor authentication can blunt a phishing scam, a Zoom phishing con discovered and more

After being all-digital last year, the Consumer Electronics Show is back in Las Vegas for 2022. Find all the latest news and announcements from the showroom floor at CES 2022.

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White House Launches Zero Trust Strategy For Federal Agencies

White House launched a cybersecurity framework for federal agencies that positions the gov't for a "zero trust" security model.

Privacy Regulations More Helpful Than Harmful – IT Experts

A survey by Cisco found that most IT and security experts believe government data security laws have more pros than cons.

More Than 90% Of Enterprises Have Been Hit By Cyberattacks

A report by Anomali shows a steady increase in cyberattacks, spawning new ideas on how organizations can protect themselves.


Why software-defined AV-over-IP modernizes enterprise communications

AV-over-IP is the fastest growing technology in the IT industry with enterprise sectors including corporate, education and government being the largest deployer of the technology - and it has no plans of slowing down.

TV affects perceptions about IT

The public thinks IT people break the rules. TV, movies, and other media, and the stereotype of the white hat hacker is affecting how they see people with computer skills: ignoring privacy rules and digging up all the data that other computer people hoard in hidden databases, without seeing any consequences. This is not a perception that we want to encourage.

The right path to 5G: upgrading your business

There has been a lot of talk and hype around 5G in Canada, and much of it is focused on what it means for consumers. However, it’s actually businesses that have the most to gain from the era of 5G connectivity. 



Hashtag Trending Jan. 27 – Google sued again; billion euro fine dismissed againt Intel; man sues Uber for hiring unqualified driver

Files from Tom Li Google being sued over location tracking practices, EU General Court dismisses Intel’s billion euro fine, and a man is suing Uber for...

Data privacy week: Canadian consumers are willing to share personal data with retailers, report says

A Capgemini report has revealed Canadians are willing to share personal data with retailers to improve customer experience. The “What matters to today’s consumer” report...

Organizations have to continuously manage privacy risks, says new KPMG global privacy leader

In an interview after being named the consulting firm's new global privacy leader KMPG Canada's Sylvia Kingsmill says anonymized data is still valuable

Data Privacy Week: Organizations see strong ROI on privacy spending, says Cisco

A roundup of commentary from experts on how organizations should treat data privacy

Cyber Security Today, Jan, 26, 2022 – Data Privacy week reminder, corporate Instagram accounts held for ransom, and more

Today's episode offers advice for Data Privacy Week, reports on takeovers of corporate Instagram accounts, and another QR code scam warning

Hashtag Trending Jan 26 – Apple awards $100K for bug hunting; Google to block targeted ads for teens; Nvidia may leave its Arm deal

Apple awards cybersecurity student for discovering a vulnerability in Mac’s webcams, Google is planning on blocking targeted ads for people under 18, and Nvidia is...

Vector Institute launches ML course for home caregivers and mothers on mat leave

Vector Institute is launching a machine learning course for stay-at-home caregivers and mothers on mat leave to facilitate their participation in the AI field

York Region’s new investment aims to attract global tech firms and create new jobs in the region

Regional Municipality of York today announced a five-year, $1.5 million investment into ventureLAB’s Hardware Catalyst Initiative.

Ontario minister of digital government encourages municipal collaboration with province

Ontario’s Associate Minister of Digital Government says the province and municipalities must work together to “build back better” after the pandemic. “We can’t do it alone,”...

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Calling on smartphones to lighten the carbon load

Imagine a smartphone made from 25 per cent recycled polycarbonate. A phone that comes equipped with a biodegradable, replaceable battery and a case made...

The reimagining of a renaissance rectangle: The Creator Z16 laptop

What do the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, a snail shell, and DNA molecules have in common with MSI’s new Creator Z16 laptop? The answer...

Plays well with others

Video collaboration platforms bridged a chasm in the early days of COVID-19 and remain a prime point of connection for businesses of all sizes....

Improve your employee experiences by modernizing your endpoint management

In the ‘new normal’, post-pandemic world, many companies will be faced with the decision to move to a fully remote or hybrid work environment....

Tableau Canada helping companies see and truly understand their data

The past year-and-a-half has been a tough reminder for all of us: When we realize what matters most to us, it’s important to have...


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