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Cyber Security Today, June 9, 2021 – Ransomware groups getting twitchy, and install these security updates

Today's episode sees evidence of ransomware groups getting twitchy, and lists some of the latest security updates released by software companies

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Cyber Security Today, June 14, 2021 – Avaddon ransomware group apparently gives up, a retailer’s shortcut backfires and a warning to Samsung device owners

Today's podcast looks at evidence the Avaddon ransomware group is giving up, how a baby clothes retailer’s shortcut created exposed customers' data and a warning to Samsung device owners

Hashtag Trending, June 14, 2021 – Anti-vaxxers turn to Yelp; Facial recognition’s future; How to manage remote teams effectively

Anti-vaxxers are turning to Yelp for help targeting restaurants that are asking for proof of vaccination; Big tech is the target of another antitrust bill...

Microsoft Canada and Computers for Success Canada look to get refurbished hardware to underserved communities 

Last week, Microsoft Canada announced it has initiated the CEO Pledge, in joint effort with Computers for Success Canada, to help close the digital skills gap by providing devices to those in underserved communities.

Cyber Security Today Week in Review for June 11, 2021

This episode features a discussion about the FBI's recovery of some of the ransom money paid by Colonial Pipleline, testimony on that ransomware attack in the US Congress and the police sting that caught crooks

SAP talks supply chain, culture, sustainability at Sapphire Now

While there were product announcements at SAP's annual conference, Sapphire Now, two major focuses were sustainability and supply chains, and the people and business processes operating behind the scenes.

Cyber Security Today, June 11, 2021 – Police disrupt stolen credentials marketplace, how fast crooks work with stolen credentials and more

This episode reports on arrests made after the Slilpp criminal marketplace seized, and a report on how fast crooks work with stolen credentials

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Cyber today and the power of corporate-academic partnerships

The global pandemic may have brought limitations and lockdowns, but Ryerson University Director of Development and Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Programs Rushmi Hasham said it...

Mentorship and allyship critical to elevating women in security

Although the number of women in the Canadian workforce is rising, the tech sector is lagging behind. Canadian women 15 and older may comprise...

Accelerating your digital strategy to the future of work

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted how organizations operate, placing ever-growing importance and reliance on the cloud. The shift has elevated digital strategy to...

Louis Riel School Division and Microsoft forge new models for digital learning

One of the keys to improving digital learning is to break down technology barriers. That’s the approach taken by the Louis Riel School Division...

ITI makes remote learning more accessible

The COVID-19 health crisis disrupted post-secondary education in Quebec in March 2020 forcing the province’s 48 CEGEPs had to rapidly shift to online instruction.  One...


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