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Canada’s critical infrastructure an ‘area of increasing concern’ says BlackBerry report

A vicious cycle of events is leading to more attacks against the public sector, according to BlackBerry’s 2021 Threat Report, and Canada is in a great position to be blindsided by cyberattacks against its critical infrastructure.

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Leigh Plumley

Why workload placement is critical to a successful digital transformation

In this blog, we’ll look at four infrastructure choices – SaaS, IaaS and PaaS – and the importance of having the right workloads in the right place for the right reason.

John Romeo

The new age of customer experience is CCaaS

CaaS isn’t just a tool to boost business performance, it’s essential to enhancing the customer experience.

Stephanie Campbell

StrikeUp’s 2021 Digital Conference for Women Entrepreneurs: An opportunity to learn and inspire

Discover more inspirational stories at StrikeUp 2021’s free Digital Conference for Women Entrepreneurs on March 4 – Learn more here and register today!

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