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cPanel admins urged to close 2FA vulnerability

Researchers say that the discovered bug can be exploited in minutes.

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Arash Lashkari

Understanding Canadian cybersecurity laws: Deep, dark, and undetectable – Canadian jurisdictional considerations in global encrypted networks (Article 7)

In this article, we will discuss the legal issues relating to encrypted online criminal activities, specifically those involving or facilitated by the use of Dark Web browsers and cryptocurrencies.

Robert Brennan Hart

Cybersecurity in the age of asymmetric warfare I An interview with Tim McCreight, chief security officer at The City of Calgary

In anticipation of the third chapter of Politik’s Interzone digital gathering in early December, we sat down with one of Canada’s most recognized names in cybersecurity.

Yogi Schulz

What’s in the future for graph databases?

Graph databases have matured into mainstream information technology and delivered value to organizations in a wide range of applications. Here’s how you can expect them to evolve.

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