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Tech companies dethroned as leader in leasing large offices

Following a series of downsizings in the tech industry, tech has been dethroned as the leader in leasing large offices.

Coding Dojo unveils 10 Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

Coding Dojo, a tech training provider, has revealed the top ten development languages that employers are looking for in job candidates.

Open-Source usage on the rise says Open-Source Initiative

According to Perforce Software and the Open-Source Initiative’s (OSI) annual State of Open-Source Report, there is an increase in open-source usage, but approximately 40 per cent of teams using open source lack the internal skills to test, use, or integrate that software.

OpenAI CTO wants AI to be regulated, shielded from bad actors

Mira Murati, the chief technology officer at ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI, has stated that the AI tool should be regulated because it could be used by “bad actors.”

OSC&R, OpenVEX, C-SCRM set to tackle supply chain attacks

The OSC&R (Open Software Supply Chain Attack Reference), Open Visibility Exploitability eXchange (OpenVEX), a tool for addressing vulnerabilities in enterprise software, and cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM), are set to help enterprises combat supply chain attacks.

Interpol preparing to clampdown on Metaverse crimes

Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, is researching how to police the metaverse, a digital world envisioned as an alternative to the real world, according to Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock.


Bolster your first line of defence – 5 tips to foster a security culture

While the shift to hybrid work and the rise of interconnected systems have created new opportunities for business, this evolution exposed organizations to new...

Understanding Current Cybersecurity Challenges in Law: Legal Considerations for Artificial Intelligence and Technological Development (Article 6)

With strong competition among countries around the world to become cutting edge leaders in AI, artificial intelligence has been a driving force of innovation...

9 Must-Take Actions as Recession Fears Loom

Even as recession indicators sound the alarm, financial analysts and even central banks remain split on the likelihood of a recession. In July, Scotiabank...

Fighting the cyber war: how secure is your enterprise?

Most Canadian companies that are victims of cyber incidents lack even basic recommended security measures. Fortunately, there are achievable steps to take that greatly improve an organization’s cyber security posture.

Expect your ISP to offer more WiFi functionality

Cognitive Systems Corp. has developed WiFi Motion, software that turns all your connected devices into motion sensors without installing any additional hardware. The software...

Your business plan requires better simulations

Most businesses are facing a more demanding business environment that includes: Increasing customer expectations for improved quality and faster delivery. Stronger competitors. More complex...

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Coffee Briefing Feb. 7 – Galaxy Broadband to deliver LEO satellite services, Bell and...

Coffee Briefings are timely deliveries of the latest ITWC headlines, interviews, and podcasts. Today’s Coffee Briefing is delivered by IT World Canada’s editorial team! Missed...


Samsung unpacks new devices

Samsung yesterday unveiled the latest in its Galaxy flagship phones, a trio known as the Galaxy S23 series, all...

30 crazy, wacky gadgets at CES 2023 [Part 1]

Will these ten gadgets improve your life? Headset improves your eyesight Body-editing app Instant NFTs Ultimate baby camera AI...

Why cybercrooks love Telegram Messenger

Researchers at Kela say Telegram Messenger is a hub for cybercrime activities. Read why

A bad day for Intel as rating lowered … but a great day for AMD

Following an announcement that Intel Corp.’s executive team will slash their salaries by up to 25 per cent and...

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Cyber Security Today, Feb. 6, 2023 – Ransomware is targeting VMware’s hypervisor, hospitals are attacked and more

This episode reports on third-party cybersecurity risks, a warning to managed Chromebook admins, hacks at two U.S. background checking services and more

Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for Friday, February 3, 2023

This episode features a discussion about a ransomware attack on a US school board, new data-wiping malware, a controversy the over KeePass password manager and the take-down of the Hive ransomware gang's IT infrastructure

Hashtag Trending Feb.8th-Most cyberattacks not prevented by zero trust; VMware servers hit; new app to fight digital amnesia

More than half of cyberattacks will not be prevented by zero trust, 2,400 VMware servers hit in a ransomware attack, and a...

Hashtag Trending Feb. 7-Google reveals AI projects, including a chatbot, surge in supply chain attacks and fake news on Twitter

Google jumps on the conversational AI frenzy, software supply chain attacks surge, and an Ohio study finds Reddit’s readers favour stories that are...

Deeper Dive: The Metaverse: Episode 5 – Future Proofing and Resource Guide

In this episode we explore the near-term future of the metaverse and what we need to be doing to understand it in...

Government CIO: Leadership is about patience and strong relationships

Mohammad Qureshi has had a varied and interesting career that has led to his current position as Government of Ontario CIO and...

The symbol Forrester uses to describe CIO-CMO relations in 2015 says it all

The analyst firm publishes an infographic that suggest improvement in the partnership between IT and marketing, but there's one gaping hole

30 crazy, wacky gadgets at CES 2023 [Part 2]

Will these ten gadgets improve your life? AI Aquarium Beverage printer Communicate with your pets Improve your air quality ...

Data Privacy Day: The 10 biggest privacy fines imposed (so far)

  For Data Privacy Week, here's a look at the ten largest privacy fines imposed as of Jan. 27, 2023. This...

A happy holiday gift guide – part one

    Tis the season for worrying about what to buy for friends, colleagues, and loved ones – and what we...

Amazon announces release of new devices and updates in Canada

  Yesterday, Amazon announced new updates and devices at the 2022 Devices and Services event. The company says that these...


The importance of data security in advancing e-waste activism

Every year, millions of metric tons of e-waste finds its way into landfills around the globe. The WHO forecasts that e-waste produced annually will...

Predictions for the 2023 cyber threat landscape

By Jaime Chanaga As we enter 2023, predictions for what we’ll face in the new year are everywhere, from the economy to healthcare and beyond....

Better understand what healthcare providers need and want

Picture a hospital overflowing with patients, with nurses running to and fro, putting out one fire after another – doing their best to keep...

Finding the way forward with digital spend management

Emerging technologies have revolutionized business processes, yet companies from coast to coast are still wasting time using handwritten records, spreadsheets, and emails to process...

Indoor golf experience provider elevates projector performance

Experience taught the team at Peak Performance & Athletics that when it comes to projector solutions, there is a huge difference between “okay” and...

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