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Microsoft introduces Azure Sentinel updates, a mobile security app, new certifications, and much more

The flashy stuff like Mesh dominated the spotlight, but there was no shortage of security updates and announcements at Microsoft Ignite.

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Stephanie Campbell

Women entrepreneurs adapt to new technology, mental wealth and community to build and grow business

Women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of change. To address these changes and help foster a supportive, engaging environment for women in business, StrikeUp 2021 was created.

Keith Jansa and Paul Childerhose

How national standards can help define the future of AI

Beyond regulated entities, the bodies that regulate and supervise the financial services sector are reviewing existing guidance and regulations to discern the extent to which they apply in the context of this new pervasive technology.

Melissa Lukings and Arash Habibi Lashkari

Understanding Canadian Cybersecurity Laws: Legislative Modernization — Responding and Adapting to Technological Change in a Global Domain (Article 9)

In this article, we will discuss the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020, which was tabled by the government on November 17, 2020, along with its progeny: the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) and the Personal Information and Data Tribunal Act.

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