Critical infrastructure cyber law needed ‘more than ever,’ Parliament told

For the third meeting debate on a Conservative motion to have the national security committee hear witnesses on another topic displaced time set aside to hear witnesses on proposed cybersecurity legislation

Pass Canadian AI law as soon as possible, expert tells Parliament

'I think this law is moving in right direction,' Yoshua Bengio tells Commons committee. Read why

Tories again cause testimony on proposed cybersecurity bill to be shortened

Conservatives interrupted two hearings on proposed cybersecurity law to bring attention to car thefts and the recent judicial decision on the use of the Emergencies Act in Ottawa

Provincial privacy commissioners oppose proposed federal privacy tribunal

Three provincial privacy commissioners testify on what needs to be changed in C-17

European political agreement paves the way for AI law

The European Union has reached agreement on the world's first comprehensive artificial intelligence law. According to the Associated Press, negotiators from the European Parliament and...

Government and big tech funding newsrooms in Canada raises concerns

We have a news ecosystem in Canada in which most of the journalists could soon have at least half of their pay depend on...

AI systems with WMD power will be here soon, expert tells Canadian MPs

AI law should ban systems that introduce "extreme risks," expert testifies, Read why

Canadian law regulating social media platforms is needed fast, Parliament told

Act now or Canada risks being left behind by other countries, parliamentary committee told. Read why

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