Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Do Canadian telecom, data protection laws hinder U.S. exports?

Canadian telecom and data protection legislation prevent American cloud providers from exporting products and services, says U.S. Trade Representative report

Rules for Internet sought by global group

The Global Commission on Internet Governance will focus on stimulating innovation, ensuring human rights online and systemic risks

Federal government moves to cap roaming charges

The government's actions are "too little and too late," according to one industry observer who said capping roaming rates at this point will only benefit very few mobile customers of independent providers.

Digital communications forces Canada Post to stamp out home mail

Technology is squeezing the post office so much that a familiar service has to disappear

PM names interim privacy commissioner

Outgoing Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart voices support for inclusion of lawful access in latest proposed anti-online crime bill but said she has some questions around granting of new investigative powers to officers.

Will cyberbullying bill open door to Lawful Access?

A bill introduced yesterday by the Conservative government to combat cyber bullying could also have the effect of making it easier for Canadian Internet...

Toronto’s cell tower radiation guidelines to stay

Health guidelines concerning the allowable level of radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by cellular towers in Toronto will remain in place despite a recommendation...

Ontario privacy chief supports security oversight bill

What's the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) up to these days and should Canadians be worried about it? Ann Cavoukian, commissioner of the Information...

Illegal use of virtual currency sites on the rise: McAfee

Security software company McAfee Inc. is raising the alarm on the increasing use by criminal organizations of virtual currency sites to launder money while...

Coalition for cheaper Internet launched

Could you imagine Internet access eating up more than a month’s worth of your salary? In some parts of the world such a scenario is...

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