Hashtag Trending Jan 24th-Hacktivist browses national security secrets, laid-off engineer claims big tech sees staff as disposable, Stanford university students use ChatGPT for final...

A bored hacktivist browses national security secrets, a laid-off engineer says big tech giants see staff as 100% disposable and Stanford university students use...

Cyber Security Today, Jan 23, 2023 – Old US no-fly list found on unprotected airline server, ad fraud scheme is disabled and more

This episode reports on hackers using Microsoft OneNote in phishing attacks, the number of at risk and unsupported Cisco routers and more

Hashtag Trending Jan 23rd- Area 120 impacted by Google’s layoffs, police contractor hacked, gravity batteries in abandoned mines

Google’s in-house incubator impacted by layoffs, police contractor that promised to track homeless people hacked, the potential of gravity batteries to power the whole...

Fighting back against cyber-scammers.Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition with Zach Schleien, the CEO of dating app Filteroff

I remember when my dad confessed to me that he'd fallen victim to an old scam where someone pretending to be one of the...

Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for Friday, January 20, 2023

This episode features a discussion on hacks at Mailchimp and CircleCI, a Nissan stolen database and more

Cyber Security Today, Jan. 20, 2023 – Ransomware payments plunged in 2022, malware hidden in blank images and more

This episode reports on ransomware payments, another privacy fine for a Meta company and attackers disrupting a virtual Le Mans race

Hashtag Trending-EU addresses gaming issues, Windows 10 not for sale, AmazonSmile shutdown

EU votes to address loot boxes, gold farming, and gaming addiction, Microsoft to end sale of Windows 10 and Amazon closes AmazonSmile charity platform.   That’s...

Hashtag Trending-Amazon drone manager fired for flagging safety concerns, IBM allegedly lied about cloud sales, OpenAI using Kenyan workers

Amazon's ex-drone manager says he was fired for raising safety concerns, IBM allegedly deceived the market about its cloud sales and OpenAI used Kenyan...

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