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RCMP turns to AI to help rescue victims of child sexual exploitation

On Safer Internet Day, the RCMP is working with researchers and a software company in a project that could help train AI to identify children in need of rescue from sexual exploitation images.

Canada Post could provide national social network or blockchain service, committee suggests

A new committee report has several surprising suggestions on how to pivot Canada Post's business in response to its declining revenue.

Seneca College, Salesforce offer certificate program

Salesforce.com and Toronto-based Seneca College have partnered together to offer a unique social media certificate program which incorporates training on the United-States-based cloud computing company’s...

Gartner: Social networking to unseat e-mail at enterprises

The analyst firm predicts the big shift will occur in about five years for 20 per cent of business users. Gartner said newer employees will enter the workforce with a predisposition to communicate via a social network

The perils of social networking

FOCUS 2010: Cybercriminals can use the location data you tweet to craft a malware link just for you. Why McAfee is launching its own URL shortener

How did social computing come about?

The ever-growing number of users in social networks (half a billion for Facebook as of last month) has the potential to radically change how we do business. But what

Socialite service keeps an eye on your social networks

The software-as-a-service helps enterprises manage e-discovery and records retention on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Why the technology won

Pakistan court orders government to block Facebook

A Pakistani court this week ordered the government to block access to Facebook in that country. Officials are angered over a Facebook group that encourages users to draw Islam's prophet Muhammed.

Microsoft Spindex puts new spin on social networking

Microsoft FUSE Labs introduces Spindex, a new social networking tool, at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Get the most out of your Twitter and Facebook activity


Making social networks part of an existing customer relationship strategy is essential to keeping up with, and responding to, customers on the social Web, according to new Altimeter research. The essential five M's

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