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SaskTel to build 5G network with Samsung hardware

Samsung continues to entrench itself in Canada's telecom vendor space.

Intel 11th Gen ‘Rocket Lake-S’ processor features: Cypress Cove, overclocking and more

Intel's Rocket Lake-S lands with a backported core architecture and improved overclocking features.

Bell wants to be carbon neutral by 2025

The company vows to improve efficiency and use renewable energy sources.

Critical vulnerabilities found in F5 Networks BIG-IP platform

Administrators are being urged to patch devices as soon as possible to prevent remote command execution

New survey says organizations are tightening security with vendors after SolarWinds hack

The SolarWinds Orion supply chain hack has caused several organizations to re-think their future relationships with vendors regardless of whether they used the network monitoring suite, a new survey suggests.

Apple to discontinue the iMac Pro

The company has yet to announce a successor.

AMD releases Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card

The card will be available on March 18 for US$479.

Supreme Court of Canada rejects telecom incumbents’ appeal of CRTC’s 2019 rate-correction ruling

Today, the Supreme Court of Canada announced that it will not be going forward with large telecom incumbents’ request to appeal their case against the CRTC's mandated wholesale rate correction from nearly two years ago.

Samsung devices to receive four years of security updates, one more than Pixel phones

The extended support includes more than 130 devices.

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