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Analytics Unleashed: Using Data and Analytics To Drive Business Success

Took place on November 17th, 2022

Despite the tremendous interest and investment in analytics, many companies are still struggling to realize the full potential of their analytics programs.

The math is simple…. Better data plus better analytics equals better decisions.  And better decisions mean a more successful business.  And with companies increasingly collecting data and applying analytics across the business so this formula applies in every function.  Whether you work directly in data and IT or lead in a function such as Supply Chain, Human Resources, Customer Experience, Sales, Finance, ERG/CSR you will increasingly rely on data and analytics to get the job done.

While the math is simple, implementation isn’t.  Leaders face a dizzying array of technologies, and it sometimes seems as if each week a new “must implement” model emerges or some new approach offers a breakthrough you can’t do without.

And this constant advance of technology risks taking your eyes off the key area of people and culture – because while technology may form the core of your data and analytics strategy, unless you devote time and resources to the human dimension your initiatives will fail.

Designed for both technology professionals and business leaders, Analytics Unleashed features experts, case study, use cases and interactive sessions that will help you find success and business results from your analytics program.

Conference Agenda


Jim Love


You will get key, focused information on how to:

  • Identify best practices from other organizations and apply them in your environment
  • Determine the right data strategy for your organization
  • Build a data driven culture
  • Apply the latest AI and machine learning based analytics
  • Recruit and keep the best people with the most critical digital skills
  • Gain a better understanding of emerging technologies and how they might help your business
  • Design effective data governance and help kick start a stalled effort at governance
  • Maximize the impact of data and analytics by democratizing data and building a data literate workforce
  • Appreciate and address key security risks that might threaten your organization

Welcoming Remarks

Jim Love, CIO, ITWC

Opening Address:The Business Imperative for Data, Analytics, and Innovation

Kimberly Nevala, Strategic Advisor & Advisory Business Solution Manager, SAS

Lessons In Analytics

Throughout the event, you will experience a series of carefully curated, short videos that provide a valuable and practical glimpse into some of Canada’s most innovative and robust analytic tools.
These information intense vignettes will provide you with different perspectives on what is possible now and in the future.

Panel: The Analytics Landscape – Tools, Techniques and Experiences

Today’s organizations face a dizzying array of options and new technologies in the area of data and analytics. This wide-ranging discussion of data leaders will share their experiences at the leading edge and offer their best advice as to how to stay at the front of the technology curve without risking overreach.

Jim Love, CIO, ITWC

Mike Armson, Data Associate, Sklar Wilton and Associates
Michael Morris, Director, Data and Analytics, Global Furniture
Eugene Y. Wen, MD. DrPH.  Vice President, Group Advanced Analytics, Manulife

Lessons in Analytics

Fireside Chat: How to Build an Effective Data-Driven Organizational Culture

No matter how good your analytics, companies cannot realize the full value of your data if people don’t have access to data or work in silos without collaboration.

As many experts in this field assert – data management is not a technology issue but a people issue.  Well that means you need to address the culture of your organization and its structure so that you enable your people to work together to achieve the best possible results for the business

Ima Okonny, Chief Data Officer, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
Adele Pugliese, Vice President, Data Enablement and Analytics, BentallGreenOak

Lessons in Analytics

Analytics and Rethinking Human Resources – Effective Strategies for Addressing Tech Talent Shortages

Qualified data and analytics experts have always been in short supply but recently trends such as the “Great Resignation” and “quiet quitting” have many employers facing greater chronic and acute shortages of vital talent. What many organizations are experiencing is a major shift in the employer/employee relationship and a rethinking of skills and the nature of work.  As a result traditional approaches to talent shortages are losing their efficacy.  What’s needed is a reimagining of work fueled in part by analytics“Great Resignation” and “quiet quitting” have many employers finding themselves facing chronic and acute shortages of vital talent. How do you find, nurture, develop and retain the talent you need?

Stela Lupushor, Author, Humanizing Human Capital

Great Governance – Why it matters and how to do it

In this session you will hear some of the essentials of data governance in a rapidly changing environment to ensure you know who has your data, what they are doing with it and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Carter Cousineau, Vice President, Data & Model Governance, Thomson Reuters

Lessons in Analytics

Security and Privacy Essentials for Data Professionals 

This session will cover some of the latest developments in security, privacy and compliance aimed at analytics professionals, business users, management and executives.

Jennifer R Davidson, Partner, Deeth Williams Wall LLP

Lessons in Analytics

Telling Your Digital Story Effectively

Successful analytics requires that you be able to communicate complex information to a broad audience – to the C-Suite executives who make decisions, to the Board of Directors overseeing the corporation, to those leading change and to the employees implementing it. This session will offer new insights into how to turn data and analytics into a compelling narrative that will inform better decision making and help drive change.

Emma Warrillow, SVP Research and Data Insights, Shift Paradigm

Closing Remarks

Jim Love, CIO, ITWC


Jim Love


Kimberly Nevala

Strategic Advisor  & Advisory Business Solution Manager, SAS

Mike Armson

Data Associate, Sklar Wilton and Associates

Michael Morris

Director, Data and Analytics, Global Furniture

Ima Okonny

Chief Data Officer, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Jennifer R Davidson

Partner, Deeth Williams Wall LLP

Stela Lupushor

Founder, Reframe Work & Author, Humanizing Human Capital

Eugene Wen

Vice President for Group Advanced Analytics, Manulife Financial

Analytics Unleashed is a new ITWC event focusing on how organizations can unleash
the real potential of data analytics.


A four-hour virtual event, the conversation and findings will be documented in a digital workbook that will pull together the conference highlights and the lessons in one easy-to access spot.


Through case study presentations and live discussions, participants will walk away with practical strategies they can apply in their own organizations.


Directors and Managers in IT
Analytics Professionals (Analysts, Data Scientists, Consultants)
Business Users and Management
Marketing Professionals
IT Executive Leadership
Business Executive Leadership