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Nearly 100 malicious email campaigns aimed at Canadian organizations in Q1: Report

16 hours ago
Password Prompt

Google admits two password hash blunders, one dating back 14 years

2 days ago
Huawei Canada HQ

Huawei security and privacy chief calls for government collaboration

2 days ago
Cyber Security Today - podcast feature

Cyber Security Today: Don’t be fooled by this email, Canada’s Digital Charter, and political party security.

2 days ago

Manufacturing spending billions on IoT, but still can’t patch Windows or remember passwords

2 days ago

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Winston wants to protect your digital privacy – All Hands on Tech at CES 2019

Digital privacy has been a growing concern for pretty much anyone that uses the internet. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal has opened a lot of eyes, and more people want to know how they can protect their data. But that’s easier said than done. A Chicago startup is trying to tackle...

The dangers of using open Wi-Fi networks: Michael Ball, virtual CISO

Inside the CES blackout

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