Tuesday, August 9, 2022


IBM to open Innovation Centre in Calgary, 250 new jobs to be created

Today IBM Canada announced it will open an IBM Client Innovation Centre (CIC) for Western Canada, planning to create 250 new jobs in Calgary. The...

Honeywell targets building owners with new sustainability offering

Honeywell today launched Carbon & Energy Management, a software offering that enables building owners who have “voluntarily pledged to meet sustainability targets,” to track...

Electricity 4.0: Powering Schneider’s global net-zero vision

A group of senior executives at Schneider Electric recently delved into the plethora of environmental challenges that exist today and how technology advances can...

Leading the charge for improved electric vehicle infrastructure in rural Ontario

In the move to Net Zero, that critical state where greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are balanced by their removal from the atmosphere,...

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Will Web3 disrupt our net zero transition?

The unique properties of Web3 and its applications, platforms, and assets have the potential to overcome some of the biggest challenges to global sustainability, and exciting new projects are demonstrating just how powerful Web3 could be for building a net zero future. 


Electronic recycler provides secure way to be part of solution

Your help is urgently needed. The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) – a not-for-profit that reduces the environmental impact of discarded electronic waste by offering...

Calling on smartphones to lighten the carbon load

Imagine a smartphone made from 25 per cent recycled polycarbonate. A phone that comes equipped with a biodegradable, replaceable battery and a case made...