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Analyst insights: 6 Ways to Secure Business Support for Data and Analytics

Every executive should be able to justify the cost and demonstrate the business value of their initiatives, including data and analytics (D&A) leaders. This...

Adaptive AI plays an important role in business

Contrary to traditional artificial intelligence (AI) systems, adaptive AI has the ability to revise its own learning methods to adjust for real-world changes that...

What IT Leaders Need to Know about Industry Cloud Platforms

Industry cloud platforms combine traditional cloud services with industry-specific functionality. Doing so, these platforms are able to address hard-to-tackle vertical challenges. By using innovative...

5 CIO Traits for Digital Transformation Success

Digital not only disrupts business, but it also transforms leadership. Successful digital business initiatives demand paradigm shifts in technology leadership and new ways of...

9 Must-Take Actions as Recession Fears Loom

Even as recession indicators sound the alarm, financial analysts and even central banks remain split on the likelihood of a recession. In July, Scotiabank...

Why modern digital organizations need adaptive data and analytics governance

Responding to varying levels of uncertainty in today’s world requires speed and agility, and traditional approaches to data and analytics governance are becoming obsolete. A typical ‘one-size-fits-all,’ command-and-control-based IT governance capability has neither the scope nor the agility to meet the needs of digital business.

7 top cybersecurity trends in 2022

The pandemic response has accelerated hybrid work and the digitalization of business processes in the cloud, both of which introduce new security challenges. These seven top cybersecurity trends will help security and risk management leaders evolve their roles to meet future challenges, and elevate standings within their organizations.

The return of in-person conferences: developing an agile event strategy

Event marketers have come to value the reach of virtual event delivery models, while remaining eager for the return of in-person events - the expanded reach of virtual delivery models means that a balanced approach to agile event strategies is necessary, and must continue to evolve to anticipate and plan for quick pivots.

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