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Gartner predicts the future of identity and access management

Gartner analysts have made five strategic predictions for the future of IAM and fraud detection.

What Canadian CIOs need to know in 2021

Like their global peers, CIOs of Canadian organizations faced the humanitarian catastrophe of the coronavirus pandemic as managers, technology providers, executives and people.

Deliver data and analytics business value with DataOps

Organizations need to make better-informed and faster decisions with a focus on automation, real-time risk assessment and mitigation, continuous value delivery and agility. Here's how you can get there.

Move these 7 workloads to the public cloud now

Written by Ed Anderson The reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic caused a sudden spike in demand for public cloud services. Cloud adoption accelerated in the...

5 habits for successful AI deployments

Here are the 5 habits of enterprises that are the most successful in deploying AI, that all organizations can learn from to make their own AI projects successful. 

Why distributed cloud is the next generation of cloud computing

Distributed cloud computing is the first cloud model that incorporates physical location of cloud-delivered services as part of its definition. Historically, location has not been relevant to cloud computing definitions.

Six trends on the hype cycle for the digital workplace in 2020

Here are the top digital workplace trends on the Hype Cycle that CIOs will be paying attention to in the years to come.

How CIOs Can Lead Through COVID-19 with Adaptive Strategy

Enterprises are facing unprecedented rates of change in technology, culture and market dynamics, further exacerbated by the global impact of COVID-19. These changes are rapidly generating new opportunities and threats, creating short- and long-term uncertainty for business leaders.

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