Friday, September 24, 2021
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Discussing how to relieve the burdens caused by ongoing global supply constraints by incorporating a few key strategies to help your organization
Breakthrough technologies are continually appearing, challenging even the most innovative organizations to keep up. This blog highlights three innovations that will have the most significant effect on business and society over the next two-to-ten years.
How does a cloud computing environment compare to an on-premises computing environment? Are the benefits of cloud computing over-hyped? We explore the topics that CIOs should think about when deciding whether or not to adopt more cloud computing services for their organization.
When Apple announced its third hardware event, no one was prepared for the bundle of surprises in the package. The biggest news was about the smallest piece of tech, the M1 chip: a custom-made silicon chip that now powers the newest MacBooks and Mac desktops.
The combined effect of new technologies, rapid growth, and increasing threats presents a significant challenge for Canada’s IT industry and professionals.
In the midst of a global pandemic, retailers needed to discover new methods of interacting with customers and marketing products to their target demographic using AI technology.
The first article in this 6 part series introduces the fundamentals of FinTech and its importance in the contemporary banking system.
With an urgent need to provide virtual care and track hospital resources, health care providers are now increasingly relying on cloud-based workflows and applications.
Managing the cost of cloud computing is an ongoing challenge. Here are the six mistakes that I&O leaders should be wary of, and the steps they can take to budget appropriately for cloud migrations
Retailers have had to rush through digital transformation programs at breakneck speed to deliver new digital services for customers and ensure their workforces can continue to operate effectively.