Thursday, December 2, 2021
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The fourth article in this series investigates cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks in FinTech, and brings forward some common cybersecurity vulnerabilities that were exploited in the past.
Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to establish trusted and sustainable relationships with customers, if they’re able to provide them with applications and digital services that make a real impact over the holidays.
The desire for today’s workplace to be digitally savvy and interconnected continues to be on the rise. Low-code development platforms are enabling a new wave of citizen developers to build digital workflows that solve key business problems.
Exploring the latest Facebook whistleblower news, and company responsibilities.
Many organizations experience unanticipated costs when moving to the cloud. This article details nine steps you can take to control your cloud costs.
As many major firms based in Canada are committing to long-term hybrid work models or entirely remote workforces, flex work models are growing - which means that means security challenges are as well.
Here are eight strategic cybersecurity predictions from Gartner analysts that security and risk management leaders can use to anticipate the changes that are on the horizon.
Connecting with MakeShift's Chief Product Officer, to get all the details on how this high growth SaaS business is evolving with agility top of mind.
Despite the risks, many organizations don't thoroughly vet their privacy notices and consent requirements, which is how they often wind up being non-compliant and ultimately run into trouble.
The as-a-service model is a viable option for companies seeking to achieve sustainability objectives and contribute to a more circular economy. Using IT as the lens by which to view the model, here are three typical as-a-service outcomes that are making a real difference.