Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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A conversation on operationalizing data ethics principles, the challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises, and a pilot of a new corporate structure to reduce the conflicts of interest in responsible innovation work. 
While legacy banks need to keep up with new competitors, consumer expectations and emerging technologies, they must also meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements, particularly when it comes to security and privacy.
In today’s data-driven world, how is it that so many organizations continue paying ransoms and, worse yet, still lose their data permanently?
A conversation with Senior IT leader, Treasurer of the Calgary Chapter of the CIO Association of Canada, Paul Parzen about what it is like to lose, accept the loss, and become ready to rebuild in a technical career.
Discussing the shifting trends in the cybersecurity industry, and the value of hands-on experience, skills development programs, and being flexible in hiring cybersecurity roles.
As organizations continue down a path of rapid digital transformation, the article highlights the risks of not having the right tools to determine the business impact of technology investment.
The escalating global threat of cyberattacks is forcing companies to explore new defences because their existing software and staff cannot keep up.
John Hill, Vice President of Digital and Information Technology at Suncor Energy, shares his insights to the benefit of those currently developing their IT strategies as well as those thinking about pursuing senior IT leadership positions.
IT professionals have many specializations: this is a call for you to share what you know about the requirements in your area. 
As businesses around the world are emerging from the pandemic and looking ahead to the “new normal", the question now becomes: ‘How do we maintain our digital momentum?'