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PIA regulatory requirements and recommended frameworks may vary by jurisdiction, industry, and the type and sensitivity of data processed. Despite these differences, the following seven steps should be incorporated into any PIA program.
Highlighting the role that businesses can play in achieving each of the goals from COP 26
With the rise of remote work, an internet connection is now tied to people’s livelihoods. This means that people will need stable and reliable in-home networks to survive in an increasingly connected world.
Low-code solutions are ideal for organizations to improve productivity and transform the world of business with innovative, easy to use technology.
Is agile software development delivering enough value, or is agile simply an exaggerated buzzword that conveniently obscures all attempts at performance measurement of software development teams?
Canadian businesses operating online without appropriate security mechanisms are leaving themselves exposed to cyber threats, and the insurance industry is responding with new requirements.
Here are three critical cloud-adoption disciplines CIOs can master to scale cloud as an innovation platform for digital initiatives — and even launch new business models.
Data integration allows businesses to have access to enriched and valuable information about different aspects of the business. With these five tips, you will be able to easily overcome any data integration challenge. 
The multigenerational workforce is here to stay. The best way to handle multigenerational employee expectations and gaps is by formulating a strategy specific to your organizational needs.
Live selling is poised to take over the next phase of retail due to the progressive need of consumers to have human contact during online shopping.