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These days, so many initiatives have focused on advancing women in IT and STEM, supported by many organizations, driving many events. I am more than just a little bit tired of it. It's time for a little less conversation...
In this article we revisit our previous nine articles, outlining the topics covered in each to provide a full picture of the scope of our series. This is our final article in the Understanding Canadian Cybersecurity Laws series.
All too often, organizations skimp on doing the right things because they are hard. Instead, they purchase cyber insurance to act as a huge band-aid to cover up all their cyber-risk exposures. That’s when the problems start.
With bitcoin's price hitting a new all-time high of USD 60K, I'm fielding questions about the cryptocurrency more than ever.
It's a little easier to get outside and recharge the battery with spring upon us. Yet, the lack of face-to-face interactions and physical separation from our primary operations in Montreal concerns me as pandemic restrictions persist.
With confidential computing, it’s easier than ever for global enterprises to modernize and build new business applications on the cloud without jeopardizing security and control.
As a senior executive or CIO, how can you assure yourself that artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML)-derived recommendations are reasonable and flow logically from the project work that has been performed?
This blog is targeted towards small to medium businesses to implement a simple risk program.
Ransomware is malicious software used by individuals to encrypt documents on computers or digital devices.  How they work Perpetrators demand a ransom from the owner of a device to access the victim's documents; once in, criminals install ransomware on their mobile...
Let us discuss what problems companies have faced when transferring all work activity to a remote format, which communication channels have caused increased risks of data leaks, and how the business processes have changed in the view of new realities.