Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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By Graham Bushkes - VP, Public Sector and Channels, Fortinet Canada Municipalities face many issues – infrastructure deterioration, rising housing costs, and the need for resiliency planning, especially in the face of the pandemic. Now, cities are becoming an attractive...
Evaluating the benefits an integrated security platform, and the impact this approach could have on shifting resources and business requirements.
By Nick Alevetsovitis It’s interesting how the conversations with business and IT leaders have changed since last March. Much of that has been around the evolving network. According to a recent Harris Poll, 59% of Canadian employees regularly worked from home...
We tackle a key question for tech policy: how feasible is it to conduct public engagement on complex, specialized topics?
What can IT leaders do to secure their organization’s cyber-physical systems in light of the recent uptick in cyberattacks?
This article uncovers prominent adware and backdoor families and introduces some preventive measures to protect the device from adware and backdoor families.
Professor Alex Stamos, the director of the Stanford Internet Observatory, began Collision 2021 with a question and answer session on developments in cybersecurity. Alex Stamos is a cybersecurity expert, business leader and entrepreneur. He’s working to improve the security and...
What are some ways nonprofit leaders can access multimedia services better? Read on to find out.
Managing 10 leads has challenges. Managing 1,000 has even more. As the number of leads grows, so too does the need for lead management software so that teams can efficiently and effectively close sales.
A report by EMA and BlueCat how Cloud and Networking team collaboration can mitigate the challenges that enterprises face to achieve the full benefits of the Cloud.