2018 CanadianCIO Census


What’s driving Canada’s new technology leaders?

The ever-accelerating pace of digitization and innovation has changed the role of the CIO.
No longer a back office function responsible for keeping the lights on, IT now plays a critical role in all aspects of the business. Increasingly, the new generation of IT leader is working on innovation projects that support business objectives.

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CanadianCIO Census

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ITAC CanadianCIO of the Year Award


Congratulations to Mark Saunders, CIO, Sun Life Financial and Tara Mulrooney, CTO, Alberta Energy Regulator. They were named as the 2018 CanadianCIOs of the Year Nov. 6 during the Ingenious Awards held in downtown Toronto. With the recognition, the pair becomes the newest members of the CanadianCIO Hall of Fame.

Mark Saunders

Mark joined Sun Life Financial in 2009,  moving from a senior position in a major U.K.-based bank. He entered an organization that wasn’t spending much on IT or innovation projects and began a total transformation into an analytics-driven business. His innovative projects always that put the customer first. His team uses an agile development approach, collaborating with business leads, to deliver new releases to the mobile channel at least once per quarter.  Read more

Tara Mulrooney

As the technology leader of the Energy Resources Conservation Board in 2011 and 2012, Tara Mulrooney faced a legacy environment of myriad custom-built systems, a dependency on expensive consultants and a broken relationship between the business and the IT department. Mulrooney led bold initiatives that included retiring the mainframe, which had been viewed as a core piece of infrastructure previously, building out the in-house talent, and regaining the trust of the business. Read more

Nominations for 2019 will open in March

Do you know a CIO who is a natural leader, innovator and creative thinker who has a knack for spotting potential and using technology to turn this potential into reality?

This is your annual opportunity to recognize and honor their hard work.  The ITAC CanadianCIO of the Year award is presented to two outstanding CIOs, one from the private sector and a second from the public or non-profit sector.

The awards will go to the outstanding Canadian CIOs that best demonstrate:
• Business and technological vision
• Entrepreneurship
• Capacity to drive enterprise transformation
An operational strength that delivers shareholder or stakeholder value

CanadianCIO Hall of Fame

President to President: Getting to the Point


ITWC’s Fawn Annan interviews leading Canadian tech executives on leadership – while competing in a game of darts.

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2019 CanadianCIO Summit

The 2019 CanadianCIO Summit will take place in December 2019. Further details will be provided in the near future.

The CanadianCIO Innovation Summit is the perfect opportunity to have deep conversations about the important technology issue impacting organizations in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Held away from the day-to-day grind of keeping the lights on, the annual Summit presents CIOs from a cross-section of industries unexpected moments to connect over sumptuous meals or engaging recreation activities.


2018 CanadianCIO Summit

The Power of Five: Five years | Five pressing issues | Five innovative ideas

The 2018 edition was held at the J.W. Rosseau Resort and Spa in Minett, Ontario from September 29th to October 1st, 2018. The event theme included AI, emerging technologies, security, sovereignty and regulation, and the challenge of data. Thanks to all presenters and participants. 2018 ITWC Coverage

Previous Summits

2017 https://digital.itwc.ca/cciooctober2017/

2016 https://digital.itwc.ca/cciooct2016/

2015  https://www.itworldcanada.com/canadian-cio-summit-archive


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Thanks to Cogeco Peer 1 – Summit Sponsor 

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