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Accelerate transformation to prepare for an uncertain future

A recent survey shows that Canadian professionals want technology to change to improve flexibility and... 2 weeks ago

PureWeb: ‘Right Product, Right Place, at the Right Time’

Having followed the rise of many startups over the years, you often hear the mantra... 2 weeks ago

ITWC Morning Briefing, July 27, 2020 – Good ol’ fashioned news roundup

To keep up with the firehose of news and press releases, we’ve decided to deliver... 2 weeks ago

Enable and empower your employees in the new normal

The COVID-19 “new normal” is comprised of many sub-realities, with a majority of employees now...
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Microsoft Canada congratulates the winners of its 2020 IMPACT Awards

Microsoft Canada has recognized 16 partners across Canada for their achievements in delivering transformative solutions...
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Digital Transformation Week 2020: Next-generation award winner helps lead internal innovation at WSIB

The recipient of the newly launched award category CanadianCIO of the Year Next Generation Leader, Ivan Yao, has been chosen... 4 weeks ago

Tips to energize your business transformation for the new normal

The pandemic has accelerated business changes with unprecedented speed and organizations should seize the moment...

How COVID-19 accelerated a hospital’s telemedicine plans

Many organizations have digital transformation plans. For those that were ready, the COVID-19 crisis enabled...

Leveraging technology to manage healthcare at home

In the same week that national newspapers decried a crisis in healthcare, quieter news spelled...

Vancouver CTO on Canada’s first municipal digital strategy

In 2013, digital specialist Jessie Adcock, now the CTO of the City of Vancouver, was...

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PureWeb: ‘Right Product, Right Place, at the Right Time’

Having followed the rise of many startups over the years, you often hear the mantra of “Right Product, Right Place,... 2 weeks ago

IT bridging the gap for business in the new normal

Written by John Dathan,  Insight Canada SVP and GM We’ve seen evolutionary changes in how...

Babylon by TELUS Health brings AI-powered technology to the delivery of virtual care across Canada

The future of healthcare is evolving in front of our very eyes with many advances in virtual...

Don’t find yourself up the creek! Follow the value stream to ensure a successful HIS implementation.

For HIS/EMR projects there is often an assumption that a technology implementation will inherently result...

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