Alexis Pappas

A life-long fascination with our evolving future led strategist and writer Alexis Pappas into the world of disruptive digital transformation. With a background in energy innovation, hydrogen power and blockchain, she focuses on how the convergence of emerging technologies can support better ESG across industries. As the Executive Director of the Canadian Blockchain Association for Women and a Director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, she believes that inclusive change is the key to sustainability.

Articles by Alexis Pappas

Will Web3 disrupt our net zero transition?

The unique properties of Web3 and its applications, platforms, and assets have the potential to overcome some of the biggest challenges to global sustainability, and exciting new projects are demonstrating just how powerful Web3 could be for building a net zero future. 

Can blockchain help us value the natural world?

The world is on the brink of massive climate disruptions and extinction events – leveraging blockchain to build a nature-based digital economy could be a critical path forward.

Top 3 disruptive trends from Blockchain in Oil & Gas 2021

Three key trends that will have a major impact on the industry going forward, as gathered from the Energy Conference Network’s Blockchain in Oil and Gas 2021: the global summit for this emerging technology’s applications across the oil and gas industry.

Lessons about the future from the world’s largest bitcoin conference

Could Bitcoin catalyze a shift towards a preference for the future – a kind of long-term thinking that could benefit our personal security, our environment and global economic stability?

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