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What are the benefits and risks of software engineering intelligence platforms?

Software engineering intelligence (SEI) platforms provide software engineering leaders and teams with insights into what engineering data is really saying about how software products...

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Hashtag Trending May 26-Microsoft predicts that deep fakes are the greatest threat from AI; Gartner survey shows government CIOs not satisfied with DX rate;...

This week we have an interview with Rob Barton, CTO of Cisco Canada. Find out why Cisco has such ambitious and aggressive goals to...

Technology, diversity and allyship: Debra Christmas shares the essentials for inclusion in the workplace

With day one of the Leadership and Digital Transformation Conference and Awards in full swing, Debra Christmas, senior executive partner at Gartner, shared in...

Four trends shaping future of cloud, data centre and edge infrastructure: Gartner

At a conference in Sydney, Australia this week, Gartner analysts highlighted four trends impacting cloud, data centre and edge infrastructure in 2023 as infrastructure...

Hashtag Trending May 18- 60 per cent of Americans think AI could threaten civilization; Big Tech look for cheaper overseas replacements for laid off...

Six out of ten Americans think that AI could “threaten civilization.” Big Tech companies look for cheaper overseas replacements for laid off workers. And...

Gartner is a proud research partner for the 2023 Leadership and Digital Transformation Conference and Awards

Our annual Digital Transformation Conference brings together national DX thought leaders on our unique presentation platform. This year, the conference features two half-day virtual sessions each looking at a unique facet of the digital transformation challenges and opportunities Canadian companies are facing. Each daily session includes a keynote presentation, a panel, a breakout networking opportunity, and the presentation of Digital Transformation Award winners or CIO of the Year Award winners.

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If you’re a business executive in need of community and peer-to-peer learning experiences, you’d do well to check out this 15-minute video. In it, ITWC CIO Jim Love, Anatoli Olkhovets, Group VP, Peer Insights Gartner and Mayank Mehta, Group VP, Peer Insights Gartner, will discuss the value of community for executives who, for any number of reasons, may lack a sense of being “in the loop” and connected with their peers.

In Conversation with Debra Christmas

Steve Heck at the 2022 DX Awards

Jorge Lopez Keynote