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IDC says PC shipments saw 10% decline in Q1 2020, ‘decimating’ Canadian resellers

1 month ago

Gartner says nearly half of privacy compliance technology to rely on AI by 2023

3 months ago

The importance of a holistic cybersecurity approach

7 months ago

Struggling to adopt AI? Inject some business sense and tension into the ‘frozen middle’

12 months ago

Success at digital transformation? Make mistakes and think small

12 months ago

5 significant imperatives for digital success

12 months ago

CISOs have to work closer with business, says Gartner analyst

12 months ago

A refreshingly realistic approach to digital transformation – Gartner’s first Canadian Symposium

12 months ago

Overall Canadian IT spending is down, but software and AI spending is going up – way up, says Gartner

12 months ago

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Make ethical decisions around data collection and sharing during COVID-19

1 week ago

Successfully lead large-scale virtual meetings during COVID-19

1 month ago

CIO areas of focus during the coronavirus outbreak

2 months ago

Gartner predicts the future of privacy in 2020

3 months ago
IT leadership strategy business meeting

How CIOs can pioneer digital transformation

4 months ago

5 security questions your board will inevitably ask

6 months ago

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Gartner Symposium ITxpo

Gartner Symposium events are gatherings of IT leaders and innovators that feature analyst presentations, networking opportunities and keynotes by top CEOs and executives in business. Learn More
Jim Love at Gartner Symposium 2015

All Gartner 2015 Coverage

Gartner Symposium- Canadian CIOs perspective


Gartner symposium asks the big questions about world’s technological future

Gartner’s analysts painted a bigger picture of the future ahead, looking at how technology’s advances can produce far more value than the world has ever realized while at the same time limiting the number of people who truly benefit.

CIO to CIO Video Series

CIO to CIO Jackie Fenn, Gartner Inc.  Business Innovation Video Series

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