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Jabra can make your workforce more productive

87% of Jabra Evolve and Speak users report increased productivity when using a Jabra audio solution*, and after thousands of UC rollouts and products in 90 of the Fortune 100 companies, Jabra knows the difficulties and the incredible opportunities in deploying UC. In fact, Jabra has written whitepapers, a blog and even a book on the subject.
*Relates to Evolve users; Source: Jabra Evolve Registered User Feedback Survey 2017. Jabra, based on 852 interviews

How Jabra Evolve and Speak audio solutions increased end user productivity

Increasing numbers of knowledge workers no longer see their office desk as their primary workspace, and many are frustrated by noise and interruptions, which have a negative impact on their productivity. We surveyed 1,812 of our users, to find out how their Jabra devices are impacting their working lives.
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Get S#!T Done – How to hack productivity in the office with New Ways of Working

Today’s fast-as-light business climate demands a relentless pursuit of productivity – one that while vital for survival, also drains our finances, stifles innovation and exhausts our employees. Fortunately, there is another way. New Ways of Working is a rallying cry for a radical transformation of how we organize our work and get more done. At its heart is the power and autonomy of the individual. New Ways of Working is about surrounding people with technologies, processes and a culture that helps them achieve their full potential by feeling more appreciated, engaged and fulfilled in the workplace. Business success today – and tomorrow – isn’t reserved for those who work harder; it belongs to those who adopt New Ways of Working.
Author: Holger Reisinger
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Engineering superior sound is at the heart of everything we do, and our people are the driving force that keeps Jabra at the forefront of technology in audio and visual solutions. We are relentless in our mission to improve people’s lives through the power of sound, and our products are designed to make your day better, whatever you’re doing.

As part of the GN Group – pioneers in communication solutions for 150 years – we are the only company in the world with consumer, professional and medical sound expertise under one roof. We’re immensely proud of this heritage, and of every person at Jabra who contributes to these amazing achievements every day.

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