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Modern workers have new requirements

When working at home, staying connected is important. 73% of employees are now doing some form of remote work, have 10% less time available for concentration, and spending 2x the amount of time on virtual collaboration.

With 64% of headsets used in a work setting are non-professional grade devices*, this reduces a person’s concentration and collaboration to stay productive the entire day. Furthermore, when working from a smartphone, call quality and experience are affected.

Jabra Evolve2 65 and 85 professional-grade wireless headsets are plug-and-play, straight out of the box. They also work with all leading Unified Communications platforms (such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.) enabling easy collaboration with your wider team, no matter where they are.

Industry-leading features include outstanding battery life and the ability to connect to both your computer and mobile device at the same time to power your day.
* Jabra Knowledge Worker Survey 2019 – Kantar

Adapting to the workspaces of the 2020s

What does the future of our concentration and collaboration look like?

When was the last time you were in the concentration zone and able to deliver a seriously productive day? Perhaps a more important question is where –was it at the office or from home? If the previous decade saw the ubiquitous rise of the open office, the coming one will see the complete decentralization of the workplace.
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Eavesdropping nullified

Securing business-sensitive conversations

Cybercrime is on the rise, and in a business environment where customer calls are even more sensitive, making valuable conversations secure is vital. Jabra meets this challenge head-on, taking communication security to the next level with the Engage Series. Every call counts, but for some businesses and institutions the ability to make secure calls can make or break a company, safeguard the future of others, and even save lives. Whether you’re a government, the military, a financial institution, or simply a business where valuable calls are made, you need to be part of a proactive security culture.
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