WHITEPAPER The Future of Digital Government The world of digital government is quickly changing. The world of digital government is quickly changing. Driven by new ideas and a demand for data, the global community needs innovative ways to turn visions into reality. Download Now

VIDEO Government of Ontario Case Study Using AWS, the Government of Ontario makes government information and services accessible to the 14 million people in Ontario, Canada's largest province. With the mandate to provide citizens with services clearly, quickly, and reliably, the Ontario Digital Services team turned to AWS to experiment with its website, Ontario.ca. By shifting the website to the AWS Cloud, the site stopped going down, the organization had a disaster-recovery solution and autoscaling capabilities, all without requiring an expensive infrastructure purchase. Watch Now

WHITE PAPER The First Five Steps to Kickstart Your Cloud Migration Plan You’ve already committed to a cloud-first strategy, but where do you start? Governance and Landing Zone design is important, but lots of times organizations get stuck in analysis-paralysis for months or years, without moving a single workload. Register Now

Tidal Migrations 3 CRITICAL MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN MIGRATING LARGE ORGANIZATIONS TO THE CLOUD Having been on AWS since 2008, I've seen a lot of cloud adoption initiatives over the past 12 years, and lately an accelerating number of cloud migration projects to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Below I'll give you a brief run-down of the top three lessons learned in that time, and I would be interested in hearing yours too. Download Now

WHITEPAPER STREAMLINING GOVERNMENT SERVICES WITH SELF-SERVICE SOLUTIONS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Self-service technology is gaining mainstream acceptance at a rapid pace. Today, many government agencies and organizations in the world are turning to self-serve solutions to allow citizens and residents to perform a variety of digital activities and transactions by themselves. Citizens strive for convenience and efficiency, AI-powered self-service kiosks fulfill this demand. Register Now

IMPROVE GOVERNMENT SERVICES WITH SELF-SERVICE SOLUTIONS Allow people to quickly perform transaction and services on-site by themselves with Nuvoola’s interactive self-serve solution. Our government self-serve kiosks enable government agencies and departments to provide convenient access to all citizens. Our system integrates with your management system to allow people to perform key activities and transactions allowing teams to assign staff to added value tasks and manage exceptions. Using artificial intelligence, we can increase interactions with citizens and residents while ensuring a high level of security. Download Now

Analytics and Datalakes

AWS re:Invent 2020: An introduction to data lakes and analytics on AWS
As data volumes grow exponentially, so do the costs to store and analyze that data. AWS data lakes and analytics provide the broadest and deepest portfolio of purpose-built analytics tools so you can quickly get insights from data using the most appropriate tool for the job. Gain a better understanding in this session of where to begin or how you can keep growing with AWS analytics.

TeraMach Helps Library and Archives Canada Simplify Access to Public Information
Library and Archives Canada partnered with TeraMach, an AWS Public Sector Partner, to implement a digital preservation solution hosted in the AWS Cloud. The collaboration resulted in simpler data management, improved long-term preservation, and increased access to the country’s archives for all Canadians. The system runs on Amazon EC2, using Amazon S3 for storage and Amazon VPC for internal networking. Read Now

Talent optimization cloud-native application powered by AWS
Aptology is a leading online platform in behavioral assessments. It is the first fit-to-role platform to help leaders understand success at companies such as Nestlé, AutoDesk and Radial. For the past few years, we have worked in close collaboration with their team to define, design and develop this talent optimization application.

INGENO Helps Operation Red Nose Prevent Impaired Driving with App on AWS
Since 1984, the nonprofit Operation Red Nose relied on legacy on-premises deployments, which included a database, native Windows clients, and networking infrastructure. By 2012, the company had expanded into seven Canadian provinces, and the system was too outdated and unreliable to support new operational needs. Register Now