IT hiring would be a lot easier if people in HR had the slightest clue what much of the work actually involves.

For the longest time I’ve heard from people who have been looking for technology jobs that available postings are either completely outdated and irrelevant, or have a laundry list of qualifications so high you could never even come close to being considered a worthy candidate. No wonder people still talk about an IT skills shortage.

Some time ago I decided to address this situation using wikis on our Web site. Using a number of job postings I’d seen for various positions on company career centres and what I’ve learned from talking to IT professionals over the years, I put together a collection of job descriptions I thought could be the starting point for a brainstorming discussion. To be honest, this project kind of fell on the back-burner for a while but something reminded me about it today and I think it’s time to get the brainstorming process going.

Take a look at the following pages. Choose the ones that are most relevant to the job you to today, or one you might be hiring for in the near future. Then improve on my rough draft by adding your own set of qualifications, corrections or suggestions:
We’ll be able to track revision history (and yes, I’ll be helping staff here clean up the occasional infiltrators who try to advertise services through these pages; take a hike, spammers!) and while we may never come up with the perfect job descriptions, perhaps as an industry we’ll come to something a little closer to reality, which can be used in your organization or those of colleagues you know.  

Any IT job roles I’m missing? My focus is on helping people get hired. And helping companies hire IT better.