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Canadian Tire’s Eugene Roman on positive design, retail innovation and why ‘IT’ is obsolete

The CanadianCIO of the Year Award winner reflects on his accomplishments at one of the country's best known firms, and how behavioural science will among the things guiding his future

UHN’s CIO explains how ConnectingGTA will help treat patients as ‘partners in care’

Lydia Lee is chosen as one of two CanadianCIO of the Year winners as part of ITAC's 2015 Ingenious Awards program for her work in helping develop an electronic health record system

Mining industry CIOs want to dig deeper into IT/OT integration challenges

The recent 5th Annual Global Mining IT and Communication Summit in Toronto showed how operational technology is creating both opportunities and obstacles for IT leaders

The CIO’s role in closing Canada’s big data talent gap

A report from Ryerson suggests the country will need between 10,000 and 20,000 people to make sense of unstructured information, but some might already been in the IT department

It’s amazing how much a day in the life of SAP’s CIO looks like an SAP commercial

Helen Arnold is undoubtedly a great IT leader to have gotten where she is today, but you don't see much evidence of it in this video diary

TD Bank’s CIO discusses his approach to transforming the customer experience

Jeff Henderson talks about the impact of fintech disruptors like Apple Pay, the opportunities in wearables, the Internet of Things and more

Why Muskoka is a great place for CIOs to talk about the future of work

Watch the video highlight reel from our recent gathering of IT leaders to better understand the atmosphere necessary for innovative thinking

What the statistics in SIM’s 2016 IT Trends Study fail to tell you about CIOs

The Society of Information Management releases new research in advance of its annual leadership conference, but don't look for any surprises

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