Like the gossip columns of yesteryear, Twitter is a great place to run what we used to call “blind items”: interesting stories of important people without actually getting specifics. This Canadian talent firm’s case study, for example, leaves out a lot of the key details (like who the mining company is, and even the CIO’s gender) but it’s interesting to see how, in some cases, a recruiter’s efforts can be part of what changes the way IT is perceived in the organization.

Like everyone else, I’ve been getting a lot of alerts about new LinkedIn posts from my connections, but this was one that came through Twitter from a Canadian exec I didn’t actually know. Nice piece.

Job posting of the week. Particularly tempting if you’re that rare combination of technologist and jock:

This was, by far, the most shared slide/infographic for CIOs I saw all week:

And finally, while it might not be a traditional goal CIOs shoot for, this seems like an interesting metric for IT leadership.