Why networking, not just work on networks, helps an infosec career

You’ve spent years writing code, configuring networks and racking up certifications. But getting to know people is the kind of...

November 15th, 2017 Howard Solomon

help wanted sign. IT talent

Looking for infosec talent? It may be closer than you think

Most IT experts agree that as long as threat actors have the upper hand in launching cyber attacks CiSOs will...

November 8th, 2017 Howard Solomon

developers tech

Developers top the list of most in-demand tech jobs in Canada

The skills gap in the technology and IT sector in Canada is no secret, with the Information and Communications Technology...

April 12th, 2017 Mandy Kovacs

Image of a resume

Facing the Canadian infosec job problem: A ‘mess and an opportunity’

An Edmonton-based company began advertising this month for a global security architect. The winning candidate, to earn between $90,000 and...

April 27th, 2016 Howard Solomon

SecTor 2015: IT pros — Canada’s spooks want you

Among the trade show booths at this week's SecTor security conference in Toronto was one for an organization that hadn't...

October 22nd, 2015 Howard Solomon

Generalist versus specialist IT professionals

IT professional careers: is being a generalist a dead end option?

Recently, I have been involved in several discussions with IT pros who were seeking employment and a common theme appeared...

June 11th, 2015 William Turgeon

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RED Academy seeks to plug rising tech skills gap

A Vancouver-based technical training academy is hoping to help bridge the skills gap in the technology industry when it opens...

May 5th, 2015 Hibah Ahmed

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CIO job ads would probably work better if they just added one extra paragraph

I understand that it makes sense on social media to re-broadcast the same content occasionally, but over the last week...

April 9th, 2015 Shane Schick