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Leadership in the Digital Enterprise is a podcast dedicated to providing insights and resources to executives and entrepreneurs focused on meeting the challenges of a digital world. We interview leaders for their stories of success – and lessons learned from their challenges.

Government CIO: Leadership is about patience and strong relationships

Mohammad Qureshi has had a varied and interesting career that has led to his current position as Government of Ontario CIO and Associate Deputy...

Marketing e-Government to a sceptical public

Most countries today have a defined vision of e-government and have established a lead agency, departmental champions and specific targets to improve service and efficiency.

Millions of visitors

An estimated 68 million U.S. citizens have accessed government services and information via the Internet, up from 40 million two years ago, a recent study concluded.

Deeper Dive Podcast Series

Deeper Dive Podcast

Deeper Dive Season 3: The Metraverse

Who will finance the building of the massive computer infrastructure? Who will drive the innovation necessary to create these new virtual worlds? There is foundation already built and some might argue that the metaverse is already here. Yet there is still a massive amount of development and innovation to truly deliver on the vision. Join us for a “deeper dive” into the metaverse in this amazing 5 part series.



Deeper Dive: The Metaverse: Episode 1 – The future history of the metaverse

These are summaries versus actual transcriptions of the episodes from our podcast and we provide them for reference or for those who prefer to...

Deeper Dive: The Metaverse: Episode 2 – When will it arrive?

This is again a text version and fairly lengthy summary of the podcast as opposed to a transcript. I (Jim Love) have edited it...

Deeper Dive: The Metaverse: Episode 3 – The map of the metaverse

We are still in early days.  But what does the metaverse look like? We attempt to describe some of the key players and what...

Deeper Dive: The Metaverse: Episode 4 – The incredible world of Second Life

In this episode we look at a first and long running virtual world which has been going on for almost two decades – Second...

Deeper Dive: The Metaverse: Episode 5 – Future Proofing and Resource Guide

In this episode we explore the near-term future of the metaverse and what we need to be doing to understand it in our current...

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Are priorities shifting for CIOs? ITWC launches 2022 CIO Census to find out

Are Canadian CIOs still optimistic about the year ahead? The 2021 CanadianCIO Census found 79 per cent of CIOs were somewhat or very optimistic...

Canadian farm and ranch retailer flying into open skies

While the easing of pandemic restrictions may have softened the business climate only slightly for many businesses, one Alberta-based retailer is preparing to scale...

Become a successful security organization built for tomorrow

Two-plus years on from the dark dawn of the global pandemic, two things are clear: First, that although most companies are moving into a hybrid...

Cyber security: 10 questions Canadian Board of Directors need to ask

By Cheryl McGrath, ICD.D; Area Vice President and Canadian Country Manager, Optiv Security | James Turgal, Vice President Cyber Risk, Strategy & Transformation, Optiv...