Alix Edmiston

Alix Edmiston is a PR consultant for Red Hat Canada, an internationally accredited coporate communicator, and a passionate gender diversity advocate. She holds a certificate in Women’s Executive Leadership from Yale University.

Articles by Alix Edmiston

Janet Lin: Championing newcomers and women of colour to be next-generation disruptors

It’s 2008 and Janet Lin is in a fancy ballroom in downtown Toronto meeting with a dozen male bank executives. She’s there to discuss the...

Being the only two women in the room forged a special bond between two C-suite tech trailblazers

Women in tech often share stories about how challenging it is to be the only woman in the room, but occasionally you can use...

Wisdom on pivoting in 2021: Sally Armstrong’s career defined by leaping out of her comfort zone

When we were planning our 5th Annual Red Hat Canada Gender Diversity Evening, we wanted a keynote speaker who could share a positive message of hope and resilience after the challenge of 2020. Sally Armstrong fit the bill perfectly. Here's her story.

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