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Notes 5.0 to have something for everyone

Beta testers and analysts agree Lotus Development Corp.'s upcoming Notes Release 5.0 will mark an important step...

The top four networking stories of 1998

1. Northern Telecom Ltd. acquires Bay Networks

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Libraries aren’t what they used to be

The reasons for going to a library have changed in the age of Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. Libraries have responded to the newly ubiquitous...


Starting with the Solution and Working Back

The fact that many of the top companies in the world today were born in the cloud doesn’t surprise Jason Mota, Co-Founder and CPO...

Leveraging the power of interactive experiences in retail

Product imagery, done right, can drive retail sales into the stratosphere. But as many companies know, product imagery “done right” is done for less....

CPaaS putting experience economy companies on rapid digital track

In his bestseller Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell defined a tipping point as a moment of critical mass, when the status quo changes. Companies...

Most companies reacted well to the crisis but it’s time to evolve

The global health crisis has forced companies to think outside the usual bounds and act quickly to keep operations running smoothly. But businesses that...