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NCR shows off mobile ATM machine

Pushing the envelope on mobile products for the banking industry, NCR Corp. pulled its prototype HARP ATM (automated teller machine) out of the research laboratory today for its public debut.

Xerox makes printing breakthrough

For its latest technological breakthrough in colour toner technology, Xerox Corp. officials said they took their cue from nature itself, starting from the molecular level, and in doing so hold out the hope of reducing costs for colour printing.

Pondering PKI: Some Aren’t Convinced

Governments at all levels know it is imperative that they take every means necessary to secure their information and the information of their citizens. From an IT perspective, that means carefully examining all of the technologies that promise to prevent inappropriate or unwanted access to restricted data or systems. Public Key Infrastructure technology

Ontario Plays Smart Cards

Although the program hasn

Sharing Geographical Data

Residents of the City of London and visitors to the Ontario city are benefiting from a technology department that believes in maximizing efficiencies and sharing the benefits with its citizens.

A One-Stop Consumer Information Portal

Baby car seats, banking fees, automobile recalls and the federal government. While that may seem like an improbable grouping, the government is trying very hard to change that perception.

Ottawa Builds A Smart Community

The SmartCapital project, which earned the Ottawa-Carleton Region the right to represent Ontario in the federal government's Smart Communities program, has the daunting task of trying to be all things to all people.

Saskatchewan Pushes Online Envelope

The Province of Saskatchewan is committed to delivering the latest in online government services, but it plans on doing so in a very traditional, prairie manner.

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