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Cloud computing in a bubble economy

Paying for applications as you use them can help save you money in a recession, but don

Ellison hypes Oracle

Teradata still leads the industry in petabyte data warehouses, but HP and Oracle have dropped the gauntlet with the HP Oracle Database Machine. Buyers should look carefully at the hype and compare it to offerings from other vendors, including Sybase, Greenplum and IBM.

The virtual database

Real-time is the most exciting new frontier in business intelligence, and virtualization will facilitate low-latency analytics more powerfully than traditional approaches. Watch the database disappear into a fabric of its own

OLAP’s inflexible cube

For most users, business intelligence is a journey that's been modeled and mapped out in advance by others. There's a need for ad-hoc, flexible, multi-dimensional, user-driven decision support

Data warehouse 2.0

Though they sit at the core of data warehouses everywhere, analytic databases have been treated as mere plumbing rather than as differentiating platform components

Recession-proofing your core analytics

Six tips for managing your IT infrastructure in a down economy

Complex event processing: Still on the launch pad

The CEP market will evolve swiftly over the next few years as open standards emerge, as open-source alternatives appear and as leading SOA, ESB, BI and EII vendors acquire the most promising pure-plays. The industry

Stuck on semantics

Ubiquitous semantic interoperability is like world peace: It's a goal so grandiose, nebulous and contrary to the fractious realities of distributed networking that it hardly seems worth waiting for

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