Sepideh HajiHosseinKhani and Arash Habibi Lashkari

SEPIDEH HAJIHOSSEINKHANI is a Master of Computer Science student in the Faculty of EECS at York University. She is particularly interested in Blockchain and smart contracts security as an RA in the Behavior-Centric Cybersecurity Center (BCCC). *** Dr. ARASH HABIBI LASHKARI is a Canada Research Chair and an Associate Professor in Cybersecurity at York University. As the founder and director of the Behavior-Centric Cybersecurity Center (BCCC), he has over 25 years of academic and industry experience. He has received 15 awards at international computer security competitions - including three gold awards - and was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 150 Researchers for 2017. He also is the author of ten published books and more than 100 academic articles and 12 books on a variety of cybersecurity-related topics. In 2020, he was recognized with the prestigious Teaching Innovation Award for his personally created teaching methodology, the Think-Que-Cussion Method. He is the founder of the Understanding Cybersecurity Series (UCS), an ongoing research and development project culminating with a varied collection of online articles and blogs, published books, open-source packages, and datasets tailored for researchers and readers at all levels. His research focuses on cyber threat modeling and detection, malware analysis, big data security, internet traffic analysis, and cybersecurity dataset generation.

Articles by Sepideh HajiHosseinKhani and Arash Habibi Lashkari

Understanding Cybersecurity Management in DeFi (UCM-DeFi) – DeFi Platforms (Article 3)

With the help of blockchain and smart contracts, DeFi platforms are shaking up the financial industry by offering a wide range of services without...

Understanding Cybersecurity Management in DeFi (UCM-DeFi) – Introduction to Smart Contracts and DeFi (Article 2)

Smart contracts are digital versions of traditional legal agreements programmed to automate the execution of terms and conditions without intermediaries. They are a crucial...

Understanding Cybersecurity Management in DeFi (UCM-DeFi) – The Origin of Modern Decentralized Finance (Article 1)

The modern financial system has become more decentralized, moving away from the centralized system used by banks in the past. Decentralized finance (DeFi) eliminates...

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