Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Watch out for those cow paths

The cow path is still out there, begging to be paved, and in fact some IT practitioners ...

Graphics programs paint complex problems

The new emphasis on graphics is a distinctly mixed blessing. Well designed documents, with appropriate graphics, can...

Programmer spreads VoiceGrip word

One Canadian developer is working to make oration skills as important as keyboarding for programmers.Alain D

What colour is your iMac?

The first week the new iMacs came out, our company rented one. People gathered around touching it...

I would like to bring a bit of balance to the views presented by Ottavio Rubini (

Hey you, want to test some software?

Come back for more, have you? For those viewers tuning in late, this is the second of ...

Proprietary systems are still appealing

With more companies moving to operating systems such as Windows NT or Unix, one might wonder why anyone would actually choose to stick with legacy proprietary solutions.

Who cracked the crystal ball?

Chicago has Jerry Springer, but Comdex Canada West '99 in Vancouver countered with Tom Henderson.Henderson, vice-president of...

AT&T grabs IBM

AT&T Corp.'s recent US$5 billion buy-out of IBM Corp.'s Global Network division is key to the company's...

IBM seeks to upgrade e-mail security

IBM Corp. said it intends to raise the bar on e-mail security across the Internet by reworking the basics of how messages are sent and received.

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Collaboration and partnerships are key to keeping IoT commerce secure

Over the next five years, advances in wireless communications, artificial intelligence, robotics and other digital technologies could make it possible for intelligent connected devices to initiate and accept payments through other IoT devices and the cloud, sometimes with little or no human involvement. Consumers and businesses who want the convenience and efficiencies of IoT devices need to know their information and data will be protected from unauthorized users. 


CPaaS putting experience economy companies on rapid digital track

In his bestseller Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell defined a tipping point as a moment of critical mass, when the status quo changes. Companies...

Most companies reacted well to the crisis but it’s time to evolve

The global health crisis has forced companies to think outside the usual bounds and act quickly to keep operations running smoothly. But businesses that...

Understanding the power of microservices

By ibmblogs and Mark Dymond No doubt you’ve heard the buzz about microservices, and you are probably wondering what all the excitement is about. Far...

Introducing the HP Elite Dragonfly – an innovation promoting peace of mind

Only a short time ago, working from home was a nice alternative. Now, global events have made it the only alternative. As people around...