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WorldCom President, CEO resigns

Bernard Ebbers, WorldCom Inc.'s embattled president and chief executive officer, has resigned, the company announced April 30.

Citrix gets continued access to Windows specs

Citrix Systems Inc. announced a new three-year deal with Microsoft Corp. on Thursday for the client software maker to continue to have access to Windows server source code.

IBM, OpenWave announce alliance

IBM Corp. and OpenWave Systems Inc. struck a deal to sell wireless hardware and software for wireless service providers, the companies announced Monday.

UUNet having network difficulty

If the Internet seemed a little slow April 25, it

Grid-computing software hitchhikes on Kazaa

Software that will set up a network built from users' hard drives and bandwidth has been quietly bundled into the Kazaa file-sharing program owned by Australian holding company Sharman Networks Ltd.

Accounting inquisition takes centre stage in IT

IT managers aren't supposed to be financial analysts. In the wake of the collapse of energy giant Enron Corp., however, the revelations of financial problems and accusations of accounting irregularities at some IT vendors are forcing technology executives to take a harder look at the financial health of their suppliers.

Motorola and Nortel team up on VoIP

Set-top digital cable boxes from Motorola Inc. will include Nortel Networks Corp. technology for making inexpensive Internet phone calls, once the fruit of a collaborative agreement between the two companies announced Monday hits the market.

Carriers plan less spending on equipment

The largest local carriers plan to spend significantly less on new equipment this year than in previous years, according to a quick check of their predictions for capital expenditure in 2002. Spending fell in 2001, and will fall further in 2002, meaning equipment makers like Lucent Technologies Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. will be fighting for a smaller slice of the pie.

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