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City of Brantford gets in synch

Municipal database administrators were constantly having to re-write code so their repositories could share information. But by using an open source tool, the city was able to port its data on to an Avantis system. Find out why they went the open source route.

Archiware adds encryption, CDP to backup package

After making its name in the publishing industry, the German firm is going after other markets like education, where there is a mix of PCs and Macs

WANSyncHA protects databases, servers

Real-time data protection is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of IT. To help keep datacentres and disaster recovery sites in synch, some companies are turning to high-availability products designed to kick in with synchronized replicas should a database or application server go down.

IAnywhere readies ‘Jasper’ database

IAnywhere Solutions Inc. plans to offer the first details on Monday about the next big upgrade to its SQL Anywhere mobile database software, and said developers can register now to try out the beta. The Sybase Inc. subsidiary said it would discuss the software, code-named Jasper, at Sybase's TechWave user conference in Las Vegas, which started over the weekend.

RFID analysis, issues and opportunities

Everyone seems to agree that the deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology will result in a massive explosion of data. This, of course, brings up an important question: How are organizations going to solve the analysis challenges presented by the deluge of data flowing from manufacturing, point-of-sale (POS), distribution, and inventory management systems by way of RFID tags?

CRM special: Getting big benefits from small devices

If you have been following the technology media, by now you have heard and felt the hype about running applications on small devices. I am sure your organization is asking: what else can these devices do for us? Before we can discuss the correct approach to small devices integration for CRM, we should analyze what is available. There are several types of such devices, but they can be grouped into two distinct categories: network-enabled and standalone.

PeopleSoft launches mobile sales app

PeopleSoft Inc. last week unveiled sales-force automation software designed to let mobile users access customer relationship management data with the same device many road warriors already use for wireless e-mail.

Another rival looks to eat up BlackBerry

JP Mobile Inc. has introduced a new version of its wireless e-mail platform, adding security management features acquired from Asynchrony Solutions in May.

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