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Developer fixes 33-year-old Unix bug

A flaw affecting the yacc parser generator could cause failure of some large C++ projects. Find out how Otto Moerbeek fixed it.

MessageLabs secures managed e-mail backup

MessageLabs addresses the recurring issue that is security when it comes to remote e-mail back up

WildPackets intros 10G Ethernet data recorder

Although only one million 10G ports were shipped in 2007, according to some estimates, the combination of multi-core servers and the growing use of server virtualization are helping to push 10G networks toward the mainstream

Skype found guilty of GPL violations

The peer-to-peer communications firm finds itself in legal troubles following a Munich regional court decision that says it failed to adhere to certain provisions of a popular open source licence. Learn the implications for other companies

Microsoft and open source company duel over IP telephony

Things are getting tense in the business telephony world. Microsoft is heading for a face-off with the increasingly influential open source company Digium

Open-source guru knocks Fedora

Eric Raymond, influential developer and co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, has delivered a public rebuke to Red Hat's Fedora project, saying he is switching to the Ubuntu distribution after 13 years as a loyal Red Hat user, citing numerous technical and governance problems around Fedora.

PC makers agree to boost Vista hardware security

Microsoft has won agreement with PC makers to add a fundamental change at the BIOS level to improve security in Windows Vista.

EC report ‘a mockery’ say antipatent protestors

A European Commission report into intellectual property issues in the IT industry has been criticized by patent campaigners as a "mockery and an insult." The report, "Fostering the Competitiveness of Europe's ICT Industry", is the result of nearly five months of work by a taskforce formed in July, which included Microsoft, IBM, SAP and other large IT companies, as well as some smaller firms. Among other recommendations, it calls for a lower-cost, more unified patent system for Europe's IT industry.

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