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PrimalScript 4.0 boon for all users

Windows administrators have long been denied good scripting tools with real enterprise features. Instead, they quite often offer little more than the most basic syntax colouring and text editing. PrimalScript 4.0 by Sapien gives administrators the features they

WANSyncHA protects databases, servers

Real-time data protection is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of IT. To help keep datacentres and disaster recovery sites in synch, some companies are turning to high-availability products designed to kick in with synchronized replicas should a database or application server go down.

CoreGuard the keeper of access keys

Keeping data safe is starting to sound like a clich

CoreGuard 3.1 secures servers, apps

Keeping data safe is starting to sound like a clich

Software offers better SQL server searches

Troubleshooting your database system when it

IBM puts some thought into DB2

With the latest release of DB2, IBM Corp. is poised to reshape the database landscape.

Database dev and admin made pleasurable

Database development and administration are complex tasks, particularly when you're working with various flavors in a mixed environment. Quest Central 4.0 eases the process, by giving developers useful tools to produce efficient code before they produce a database, and by giving administrators tools to help track problems.

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