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Mobility, cloud, analytics to reshape IT in 2012

The North American, and particularly U.S. IT climate will see a shift in shape and focus in 2012

Control slipping away for IT, Gartner says

PREDICTIONS 2012 The research firm sees more cloud, more consumerization, and more cybercrime for the coming years. See Prediction No. 8 to find out why American IT will see more "Made in Canada" stickers

Five tech pros companies want to hire

People with combined skills in server, software and networking are the most sought after, according to an IT staffing firm

5 surprising IT skills that hiring managers want now analyzed the resume searches on its jobs site. You might be surprised at what's in demand

Top 5 worries keeping IT pros up at night

Among 1,400 U.S. CIOs polled, 24 per cent cited data security as the primary worry keeping them up at night, and 13 per cent said hardware and/or operating systems upgrades

Would you take a pay cut to telecommute?

Telecommuting is a rare but valuable perk for IT professionals, according to Alice Hill, managing director at Find out more from their latest survey

U.S. tech support teams understaffed by 42 per cent

Currently, the mean ratio of internal end users to technical support employees is 112 to 1. When asked about the ideal ratio, the mean response among 1,400 CIOs polled was 65 to 1

Perks? What perks? Some tech CEOs go without

Getting rid of perks won't happen overnight. Many companies are contractually obligated to provide pricey perks as part of employment agreements inked years ago

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