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Government workers lack mobility, collaboration

Government workers lack mobile technologies necessary to be efficient in the office, according to Forrester Research

Social media should be a 2011 tech priority: experts

As tempting as it may be to block employee access to social networks and social media sites, it's not a long-term play. It's time for the IT department to wake up

CA retools automation portfolio

Modular design lets users purchase and deploy automation products separately, adding capabilities at their own pace

How to put IT in the user’s seat

By measuring the user experience, enterprises can see how an application traversing the network ultimately behaves on the user machine -- and IT pros can go into troubleshooting mode if conditions start to degrade

Are your tweets costing you a new IT job?

Half of IT workers said they might modify or delete content on a social media site if they knew a prospective employer was going to review their page as part of the interview process

IBM to acquire OpenPages

With the deal, IBM hopes to expand its business analytics software with risk management tools

HP acquires automation vendor Stratavia

HP buys Stratavia to help enhance its Cloud Service Automation for automatic deployment of databases, middleware and packaged applications in cloud computing environments

Top 5 network management investments

To keep up with all the changes in modern networks, IT teams need to be more rigorous about adopting standard processes, and they need management software to make sure the processes are executed consistently and automatically

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