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The hidden cost of technology failures

Project overruns can add up to 90 per cent to the original budget and delay completion by more than seven months, according to a recent survey

Blue Coat expands visibility with new PacketShaper release

Version 8.5 has a new user interface and lets administrators see which protocol is being used and detect the origin of voice traffic.

HP, Dell and Lenovo rapped for broken green promises

Latest report from Greenpeace alleged the trio broke their promise to phase-out toxic chemical in 2009 products. Nokia and Samsung retain their green halo

Social, recreational apps devouring enterprise bandwidth

Web 2.0 applications such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn are chomping away at 40 per cent of enterprise network bandwidth, according to IT managers

IT managers face

Nearly 40 per cent of enterprise network bandwidth is consumed by recreational or non-business critical applications, says UK survey.

New paint promises low-cost Wi-Fi shielding

The paint brush could become a new tool for securing wireless networks from hackers according to Japanese researchers who recently developed a radio-frequency blocking paint

European wireless investment overtakes wired

Wireless installments reach a tipping point as the cost of setting up networks drop. Read about how 802.11n and alternative architectures are providing companies with valuable savings in these tough economic times

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