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Dell’s cloud plans slip behind schedule

The company's online analytics service has slipped until next year

Microsoft takes $6 billion write-down for online services

Purchase of ad firm aQuantative "did not accelerate growth to the degree anticipated," the company admits

Google’s Android did not infringe Oracle patents: jury

The jury deliberated for more than a week before finding no infringement on any claims related to two Java-related patents

Jury finds Google liable for copyright infringement

A jury says Google infringed on intellectual property now owned by Oracle, but hasn't decided on the issue of fair use

Oracle and Google tussle over Android profits

The judge hearing the case told the court that Google lost money on Android throughout 2010

Is jury question a signal in Oracle v. Google?

A question on the nature of fair use by the jury deliberating Oracle's infringement suit against may be a sign the tide has turned for one or the other. Find out which

Ellison takes the stand in Google suit

Oracle considered buying Palm and RIM in an abortive effort to enter the smart phone market, Oracle's CEO testifies. At issue: Does Android require Java licensing?

HP will combine PC and printer divisions, report says

HP will make its Printing and Imaging Group a part of its Personal Systems Group, sources told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday

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