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The squeeze is on

FEATURE: How to keep your network safe from your staff's pesky consumer mobile devices

Citrix offers free desktop virtualization tools

Citrix Receiver will run virtual applications and desktops from wherever, on-demand, while Citrix Dazzle promises to become an App Store for enterprise IT workers. Full coverage from the Synergy user conference

Green IT’s bottom line

In a foundering economy, reducing your carbon footprint is more about cash than karma

IBM confirms layoffs, but won’t say who or how many

Rumours have around 5,000 of IBM jobs being shipped off to India, but IBM is only admitting that it is informing some employees today that they've...

Dell debuts new enterprise offerings

Dell adds to its line-up the new PowerEdge servers, Precision workstations, and the Management Console

Conficker is coming: Are our domain names in danger?

Although Conficker C is allegedly almost upon us, CIRA says that we shouldn't have anything to worry about

E-discovery gets an F

When it comes to mixing Web 2.0 and e-discovery, a lot of things can go wrong. A good rule of thumb: Start treating each employee like a record manager

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