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The blame game is wrongheaded

The hunt for the guilty is sadly common, so much so that even when no one is seeking to point fingers, many team members will carry a heavy burden of shame and scorn, entirely self-imposed

Penetration testing: dead in 2009?

Is the practice of penetration testing headed the way of desktop publishing and the PDA? Well probably not dead as is dead and gone, it just won't be as cool as it was before. Here's a look at the possible reincarnation of penetration testing

Guidance but no policy on New Zealand gov’t offshoring

Services commission tries to respect the fact that government agencies make their own IT decisions. But it warns departments to "take a risk management approach" they are supposed to be doing already

Lotus Notes users get limited access over iPhone

Concerned about the handheld's security, IBM will only let Notes users access the application through a browser so data isn't downloaded. An industry analyst says Apple should give the phone the ability to encrypt data

Airport radar blinded by faulty network card

A device had been malfunctioning for weeks, says the Irish Aviation Authority. Passengers have been warned there will be delays until the system is fixed

Children and teens are vulnerable to online ringtone sellers

EU investigation finds 80 per cent of 558 mobile-phone ringtone sites are suspicious

RIM’s BlackBerry outage draws Gartner criticism

Canada's wireless darling apologizes for incident, which left customers without e-mail for three hours on Monday, but that might not be good enough. A consultant recommends changing devices

Lost records lead to U.K. government exec’s exit

Paul Gray's resignation comes after a "substantial operational failure" which include a set of disks including bank details and other personal information going missing

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