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Wi-Fi Direct backers work on enhanced standard

Narrow uses of the peering technology so far have hindered its growth, so a newly-formed task group will try to make interoperability easier

North America to shift IPv4 address to Asia

ARIN is preparing to allow the sale of IPv4 addresses to Asia-Pacific countries, where the pool is drying up as the world shifts to IPv6

Leaked passwords: Boozy, preachy, angry — and easy

The list of 453,000 stolen passwords shows many of us still use easily deduced signatures. As outlined here, a few of them, like 'changeme', are pretty funny

Wi-Fi Direct may get a reboot

The standard for communicating between devices has been ignored by manufacturers, but the industry hopes an updated specification will change that

Cisco changes privacy policy for Linksys routers

Cisco removed language saying Cisco might collect and share Wi-Fi router users' Internet history

Russian WiMax pioneer Yota had to turn on LTE networks overnight

The carrier was not able to test or optimize its LTE networks before a launch

AT&T to expand Toggle BYOD service to PCs, Macs

The service sets up separate work and personal environments on mobile devices

NYSE-Euronext network chief Andrew Bach joins Juniper

The global financial exchange company has been on the cutting edge of fast networks and is a Juniper customer

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