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What it’s like to make the wrong job switch

With the economy's fluctuation and the landscape of security constantly changing, there is no room for complacency. Still, that doesn't mean every career move is a good one

Old school flaws still haunt mobile Web apps

SECTOR 2010: Two security researchers say the same mistakes that were being made 10 years ago in the PC world are being repeated in the mobile market. Find out more from this year's SecTor security conference in Toronto

iPhones, iPads in the enterprise: 5 security views

'Without some extremely close attention paid to security around this critical infrastructure sector,' says one Canadian, 'we can definitely be assured that some huge data losses will result.'rnrn

Code Security: Report highlights best practices

Industry-led effort identifies integrity controls used by developers to protect software from the insertion of vulnerabilities as it moves along the global supply chain

Security, SaaS and the Cloud is about the contract

Mixing these terms together can be a headache for enterprises. A panel of experts who

Four over-rated security technologies

A database security expert says anti-virus packages offer little advanced protection while others complain identity and access management products do not work as advertised. Some users say network access control takes years to configure properly and question the use of firewalls

Perfect authentication remains elusive

Users pick easy-to-crack passwords like the name of a dog or a favourite movie, but multi-factor authentication may end the insanity

Six ways we surrender privacy

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