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Netsuite CEO claims SAP being squeezed

Zach Nelson says arch rival was forced to buy cloud provider SuccessFactors this month because customers are tiring of SAP's on-premise software

Banks must ask ‘right questions’ on unstructured data

The traditional slice, dice and normalize approach doesn't provide answers to the more human questions, a panel of FI technology vendors says

Mainframe skill shortage becoming serious financial risk

A U.K. survey of 520 CIOs found that on average, each minute of an outage costs businesses nearly

IDC: Consumerization is overhauling IT’s role

Many businesses were striving to allow in some devices and self-provisioned systems, but retaining central control, the researcher says, is a balancing act.

Forrester: IT depts face decade of fundamental change

A senior vice-president at the research firm says technology professionals are beginning a major shift in order to cope with greater demands from end users to implement or use their own systems

HSBC streamlines IT in multi-billion cost saving project

The HSBC bank in the U.K. has laid out aggressive plans to make its IT more efficient and realign business processes, as part of a bid to save up to $3.5 billion across three years

Obama promises to stick to big broadband investment

The U.S. government will invest in broadband, in spite of efforts to cut spending elsewhere to slash deficitrn

New U.K. government body to regulate IT projects

Major Projects Authority will attempt to improve project managementrn

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