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Leaked ACTA draft treaty reveals plans for Net clampdown

A group in which Canada is a member has reportedly drafted a treaty that would require signatories to make ISPs liable for the content their subscribers transfer. A source leaked a document from ACTA would force ISPs to prove it tried to prevent copyright abuse, in order to avoid being sued by movie or music makers

Microsoft lawyer urges new cloud computing EU laws

EU data protection laws are out of date and need to be harmonized better, said Microsoft head legal counsel Brad Smith. Current laws go back to the mid-1990s when cloud computing was limited mostly to online e-mail

Oracle-Sun merger foes head to China, Russia

MySQL separatists, led by MySQL founder Monty Widenius, address regulators in Russia and China as the European Union assent on the deal grows likely


Oracle's 10 promises to the European Commission will expire five years after the deal is completed, the company said

EU gives Oracle extra time to respond to Sun inquiry

Oracle asks for more time to allow it to make its case for the deal after responding angrily that the Commission doesn

Microsoft, EU reach accord on antitrust

EC believes it has a deal it can accept in the latest offer on browser competition

Intel seeks dismissal of EU antitrust case

Intel accuses European Union regulators of sloppy analysis in their $1.45 billion antitrust ruling against the chip maker...

EU to crack down on online gadget vendors

From concealing delivery charges, misleading buyers to failing to honour consumer rights, over half of 369 European Web sites visited by EU officials are suspected of breaking the law...

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