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IT industry outlook improving, according to OECD

In 2011, growth is expected to exceed four per cent, but a return to pre-crisis levels of growth "remains unlikely," said the reportrnrn

Google Chrome OS boosts IT jobs

The upcoming release of Google's Chrome operating system has triggered a demand for IT professionals with Linux skills

UK climate laws will force IT departments to act

The Committee on Climate Change, which was set up under the recently passed Act, have recommended an interim target for Britain to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least a fifth by 2020

U.K. climate laws will force IT departments to act

Goal of act is to chop greenhouse gase emissions by 80 per cent of 1990 levels in just over 40 years

Open source in every business in 12 months, says Gartner

While the remaining 15 per cent of companies worldwide is expected to deploy open sourced software in less than a year, Gartner warns that majority of firms still lack formal policies for cataloguing and evaluating OSS usage

Demand for IT pros grows in UK, despite downturn

Recruitment firm says stats showing IT employment growing faster than average may make people switch jobs

U.K. government launches public data mashup competition

The U.K. government's Power of Information taskforce has launched a UK$20,000 competition for innovative ways to mash up public information. The taskforce, led by cabinet office minister Tom Watson has opened up mapping data from the Ordnance Survey, medical data from the NHS, neighbourhood statistics from the Office for National Statistics and a carbon calculator from Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

Data security sanctions imposed on U.K. government

The Cabinet Office has published a range of mandatory measures to prevent a repeat of the data loss scandal that hit HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) last year. Any disc, USB stick or laptop containing sensitive information will have to be encrypted if they are taken out of Whitehall, as part of the government security technical measures published by the Cabinet Office.

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