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Z energy shows how to tear down the walls

An IT exec at a fuel distribution company in New Zealand says operational excellence is part of the recipe, but it's no longer sufficient if you aim for a properly technology-enhanced business -- and for a seat at the executive table

What SharePoint in the cloud means to IT admins

As Microsoft pushes SharePoint to the cloud, those using it as an app will have an easier time. But those using it as a development platform, won't find it addresses all their needs, warns a former SharePoint developer

IT key in changing the nature of work: N.Z. report

Technological advances could help the country tackle its pressing productivity problem, according to a labour department study, by creating demand for people with more skills

Guidance but no policy on New Zealand gov’t offshoring

Services commission tries to respect the fact that government agencies make their own IT decisions. But it warns departments to "take a risk management approach" they are supposed to be doing already

NZ public will be consulted on copyright policing plan

A leaked draft of an anti-counterfeiting agreement has alarmed some New Zealanders. But a government official says the public will be consulted. However, he couldn't say when a final version of the agreement will be ready

Policy problems could result from private sector ID plan

The New Zealand government could be involved in some difficult policy decisions if the igovt identity information management system is too appealing to private industry, says Internal Affairs chief executive Brendan Boyle.

New Zealand gov’t ID plan praised by experts

At a conference on identity, experts had good words for New Zealand's identity information management scheme. The country is allowing citizens to have mulitple "identities" instead of one ID card for dealing with government

Web 2.0 part of New Zealand government’s IT strategy

Collaboration has been added as the fourth objective to the New Zealand government's draft Digital Strategy 2.0, an issue that was highlighted in several submissions to the original 2005 Strategy.

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