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NZ has no worries on e-govt survey fall

New Zealand's State Services Minister Trevor Mallard says he has no "great concern" about the country's apparent drop in form in the global race to be ready for electronic government.

Windows Me recovery may restore viruses

Microsoft Corp. acknowledges that the System Restore facility in Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) may put back a virus or worm that a user has previously eliminated.

Online-only govt access a possibility in NZ

New Zealand's IT and transport minister Paul Swain has acknowledged that "eventually" the Internet could be the only way to access certain government services in New Zealand.

New Zealand anti-hacking law hits further snags

New Zealand Lawyers and Internet users are finding ever more problems with the proposed "anti-hacking law."

New Zealand may push buy-local IT rule

Stricter "buy New Zealand" conditions could be enforced following a review of government procurement policy.

New Zealand hacking law has insider loophole

New Zealand's proposed law against computer hacking, scheduled to be referred last week to a parliamentary select committee, leaves hackers working within an organization untouched.

NZ Internet betting system “no money-laundry”

The New Zealand Totalizator Agency Board (TAB) dismisses suggestions that its Internet betting system is likely to be used for money laundering, but admits customers have attempted suspicious activities of that kind.

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