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When techies speak, the devil’s in the details

A recent interaction made me realize that it is one facet of a deep divide between business and IT, and that understanding the root of the disconnect is crucial to resolving it

The three ways users experience IT

As technology has pervaded almost every area of our enterprises, the number of ways in which we interact with our consumers has expanded significantly

How to be a proactive task handler

Taking on delegated tasks shouldn't be a passive activity, with the subordinate silently nodding, bowing deeply and scurrying off to fulfill the wishes of the master. To effectively complete tasks you have been delegated, you need to consider four issues

Why IT has little influence in a company

Technical folks frequently grumble about their lack of influence. They complain bitterly that management doesn't understand them. But strangely, when given an opportunity to be influential, many demur

The blame game is wrongheaded

The hunt for the guilty is sadly common, so much so that even when no one is seeking to point fingers, many team members will carry a heavy burden of shame and scorn, entirely self-imposed

What endures from a manager’s career

Take a little time to imagine that you are at the end of your career, about to hand off your job to someone else. It's a time for reflection, to ponder what will remain after you have moved on

4 ways to deal with your enemies after you win

The office politics battle is over. Your foes fought well, but you

Opinion: The project’s over: now what?

I've often heard people complain about intense projects: They're too much work and emotionally draining. But oddly, I've noticed that people seem to have more trouble after an intense project than during one.

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