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Microsoft Giving Away Windows 10

Falling a bit behind the curve, Microsoft is playing catch up in a good way

Users complain about iOS7 upgrade

Users finding it difficult to upgrade their iPhone and iPad devices to Apple Inc.’s new iOS7 mobile operating systems are inundating online Apple forums...

No XP support ensures slow IE9 rollout, bloggers say

BLOGOSPHERE Microsoft is taking another step to finally stamp out Windows XP adoption among businesses, but some bloggers think the plan won

Microsoft’s 2010 software line-up most "monolithic" in years

The company's software suite presents the "most complicated lock-in decision in years," according to the Burton Group. "If you go forward with all of the 2010 products you will be a Microsoft shop for the foreseeable future," says one analyst

Apple delivers iOS 4, users report back-up problems

The upgrade went smoothly, if somewhat slowly, for most. Some users complained that back-ups of their iPhones were taking much longer than usual

SAP users fear impact of planned upgrades

User group says concerns may be misplaced

Windows 7 upgrade causing endless reboots

Furious users on a Microsoft support forum say their upgrades are failing, and trapping them in a frustrating cycle that's making ttheir computers useless. Why one user says Windows 7's slogan should be: "My PC. Crippled"

PC makers, stores see $$$ in Windows 7 hype

PC manufacturers and electronic stores in Canada and the U.S. believe new graphics and enhanced user interface features offered by Windows 7 will help them move more machines

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