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Hackers could reverse-engineer MS patches for DoS attacks

A security firm proved this week that reverse-engineering a Microsoft patch could lead to DoS attacks for hackers

VMware backpedals on price changes after user criticism

Some customers complained to VMware that its model would restrict their virtualization efforts by requiring the purchase of more licenses to achieve the same level of consolidation. VMware's new licensing model was introduced on July 12

Microsoft struggles to get Hyper-V drivers in Linux kernel

Two years later, Hyper-V drivers are still in Linux staging area. The work is being done to ensure that Linux distributions can run on the Microsoft virtualization platform

Microsoft drops patch support for Vista Service Pack 1

Vista mainstream support ends for good next year. The end-of-support dates follow published Microsoft policies

Brocade’s virtualization strategy: Use everything

In its data centres the networking company uses multiple technologies to get what it wants. "The world wants to think everything runs good on one product," says an official "but in reality that's not the case has double cloud push with, Heroku

Why is even bothering with a second cloud platform provider Heroku when it

Code ‘in better shape than ever’ under Oracle: exec

Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos says the MySQL code base is in fantastic condition, despite worries that Oracle would be unfriendly to open source projects got through the Sun Microsystems merger

Apple’s iOS doubles operating system market share

The iPad and iPhone growth give Apple a larger share of the OS market. The data, collected by determining the operating system of devices connected to the Web, shows Windows declining from 91.46 per cent to 88.91 per cent share since June

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