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Business alignment ‘disastrous’ for IT

At a Paris conference, the author of The New Normal calls IT-business alignment "the biggest fraud in the industry" and says it turned IT into "order-taking butlers"

SAP promises innovation for customers in coming years

"We chose to innovate not consolidate," says co-CEO Jim Snabe

Salesforce.com CEO slams UK gov’s lack of cloud progress

The UK government is lagging far behind the US in public cloud adoption, opting instead to stick to a more private-cloud based strategy for now

SAP acquires EDI specialist Crossgate

The business-to-business networking provider will strengthen the ERP giant's portfolio. Crossgate's technology enables companies to fully network with trading partners via electronic data exchange

Rioters: Co-ordinating by Blackberry, convicted by Blackberry?

How police will use the Regulatory of Investigatory Powers Act to get convictions

SAP does U-turn on Enterprise Support

SAP has done a U-turn and reintroduced its standard enterprise support package for customers.

SAP users fear impact of planned upgrades

User group says concerns may be misplaced

SAP lengthens support agreement to soften software price hike impact

But SAP customers have yet to be convinced that the company's moves will deliver real business value

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